Apply for TANF in Wisconsin

How to get TANF in Wisconsin 

The Wisconsin TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program is funded by the United States government, and regulated through the Wisconsin DCF (Department of Children and Families). The program is designed to assist families who have impoverished incomes to be able to afford bills and make other payments until they are able to find a better financial stronghold. The Wisconsin DCF rigorously monitors the financial conditions of all recipients for changes in their income level in order to provide a fair amount of TANF benefits to each family. The DCF is also in charge of reviewing and approving the application and applicants to come recipients for Wisconsin TANF benefits.

TANF often helps the recipient's local economy as well. Often it allows them to avoid foreclosures with props up home values, avoid repossessions, and engages in the local economy around them. Often somebody who is experiencing difficult financial times will not be spending money in the community they are in, which can actually harm the economy around them. TANF provides a wonderful venue to "keep the money flowing" until the recipient is able to provide for themselves.

There are very strict requirements that all applicants must meet in order to be approved for TANF in Wisconsin. Every applicant must be able to prove that they have an impoverished or no income, be a citizen of the United States, be free from felony convictions, and also be able to prove that their owned property does not exceed maximum values allowed. The DCF will take all of these factors into consideration as they review the application. If the applicant's information does not meet the minimum requirements for TANF, they may be able to apply for other types of assistance.

Apply for TANF in Wisconsin

The application process for TANF in Wisconsin is simple when the applicant prepares information and documentation prior to attempting to complete the application. It helps for the applicant to gather birth certificates, pay stubs, social security cards, bills, and bank statements before beginning the TANF application. The application will be filled with questions where the applicant will need to reference information from these forms. The application can be completed online or the applicant can get an application from any Wisconsin DCF office. Most applicants choose to complete an online application so that the processing time will be expedited since their information will be in the DCF database.

If the applicant chooses to complete a paper application form, they will need to make sure that their information is written legibly. All of the information given on both types of applications must be accurate and truthful. The amount of Wisconsin TANF benefits are granted based off a scale. This scale is a formula that measures the income resources of the applicant against the amount of people in their home. The applicant should be sure to complete the entire application (paper or electronic) to the best of their ability. They may contact the DCF if they need any assistance completing the application form.

Wisconsin TANF Interview

The applicant will submit the application to the Wisconsin DCF. The DCF agents will review the application to verify that the applicant's financial credentials falls within the range of approval for TANF. If it does, the agent will contact the applicant with a time for an interview. During the interview, the DCF agent will just review the information provided, ask for some financial and identification information, and possibly may need more emphasis on a few answers. If the applicant is disabled or unable to physically attend the interview due to a health issue, they will be scheduled a telephone interview time. The applicant must answer the phone and complete the interview at this time to avoid rejection or delays of their application.

When approval is granted to the applicant to become a recipient, the State of Wisconsin will send the applicant an EBT card in the mail. The card will be loaded with cash TANF benefits one day a month, which will be assigned by the DCF. If the applicant were to spend all of the money on their EBT card, they will have to wait until the next available reload date for the funds to be available. The EBT card will function as any typical debit or credit card wherever EBT is accepted. Many gas pumps, ATM machines, debit transactions, and bill pay locations will accept the EBT payment system. Please call them if you are unsure.

As America struggles with the rough financial situation it is going through, there are many people seeking How to get TANF in Wisconsin at this time. Please be advised that the lines at the DCF offices can be lengthy and wait times can vary. Please leave small children in the care of a trusted person, and bring a book or phone to keep you occupied. The DCF agents are processing applications incredibly fast and wish to processes yours as quickly as possible.

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