Apply for TANF in West Virginia.

How to Get Welfare TANF in West Virginia 

The government of the United States provides a welfare benefit called TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) to the people of West Virginia through taxpayer funds. The West Virginia HHR (Health and Human Resources) takes these funds and distributes the money to people undergoing destitute financial situations. The HHR also is in charge of approving recipients for the TANF benefits, as well as keeping track of the recipient's financial statuses. The welfare benefit provides a means for people who are impoverished to pay for bills, gasoline, and/or temporarily get through a rough financial time in their lives. TANF is intended to be used as a safety net, and not a means of somebody to live off of indefinitely.

TANF in West Virginia has extremely strict criteria that all applicants must meet in order to qualify for the benefits. Every applicant must be a citizen of the United States, be free from felony convictions, have extremely low or no income, and must not have exceeded the maximum amount of benefits that once can receive in their lifetime. People exempted from the lifetime cap on benefits would include those in the direct care of a minor child, those caring for the disabled, and those caring for the elderly.

How to Apply for TANF in West Virginia

The application process for the West Virginia TANF program can be made easier if the applicant gathers important identifying and financial information prior to completing the application. These documents include Social Security cards, birth certificates, bank statements, and pay stubs from everybody in the household. Most applicants choose to complete and online application form as the processing time is usually faster since the information will already be in the HHR database. If the applicant chooses to complete a paper application form, they will have to acquire on at a local HHR office.

All applicants must answer the questions on the application form with accuracy and legibility. Since the amount of cash TANF benefits is measured on the amount of people in the home versus the amount of income and financial resources the home has, sometime people will falsify their answers in order to get a greater benefit amount. This is actually considered a crime, and can result in prosecution and/or a lifetime ban from the TANF system. Simple mistakes are not treated this way but can delay the processing time. Also, if one completes the application, legibility and spelling are crucially important. If the HHR agents are unable to read the application form, they will delay the application.

TANF EBT Card and Interview

When the applicant has fully completed either the online application or a standard paper application form, they will submit it to the West Virginia HHR. The agents will review the application to see if the applicant's information meets the criteria for approval. If the applicant's resources are within range, the HHR will setup an interview time with the applicant. At this interview, the HHR will usually just review the application, but may sometimes need a bit more emphasis on certain answers. The HHR will also ask for certain identifying information along with financial information.

Upon approval of TANF benefits in West Virginia, the recipient will receive an EBT card. The functionality of this card will be similar to that of a debit card. The recipient will be able to make cash withdraws from ATM machines, debit purchases, and even pay bills wherever EBT is accepted. If the recipient were to spend all of their monthly benefit allowance, they will have to wait until the assigned date (on the next month) for the cash to be reloaded onto their EBT account.

America is experiencing many difficult financial times at the moment, and many people are seeking how to get TANF in West Virginia right now. The lines at the HHR very well could be lengthy, so please bring a book, phone, or anything to keep you occupied during the wait. The HHR agents are working extremely hard to process many applications and want to approve yours as quickly as possible. All patience granted to the HHR is appreciated!

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