TANF in Washington D.C.

How to get TANF in Washington D.C. 

Washington D.C. has a temporary assistance for needy families program (called TANF) designed to help families in destitute and impoverished financial situations. This welfare benefit program is funded by the United States government and handled locally through the Washington D.C. DHS (Department of Human Services). The TANF benefit provides the impoverished people of Washington D.C. with a means to temporarily pay their bills, mortgage, and meet other financial obligations. The DHS regulates the applicants and ultimately decides who will be approved for the benefits and who will not.

Unlike common belief, there are ridged and tremendously strict rules and requirements that all applicants must meet in order to receive the benefits. Every single applicant must be a citizen of the United States, be able to prove their impoverished financial circumstances, and should be able to provide identification information to the DHS to prove the identity of all recipients. These "laws" of requirement that the DHS follows are mandated, and the agents must adhere to them strictly.

Apply for TANF in Washington D.C.

Many people choose to submit an application online due to the ease and faster processing time by the DHS. Unlike a paper application, the online versions of the application will automatically submit the electronic information into the DHS database. This simplifies the process as the DHS agents will not have to manually type the information from the application into the database. This helps speed up the processing time. Prior to the applicant beginning the application, it is suggested that they gather some information from every person in their home. The information should include birth certificates, social security information, pay stubs, and bank statements. These bits of information will assist the applicant greatly while completing the application.

The applicant should answer all questions on the application as accurately as possible. If the applicant is choosing to complete a paper application they will need to ensure that they write legibly and spell correctly to avoid any delay in processing. The applicant should keep in mind that the benefits awarded are based on a scale that measures the amount of people in the home against the amount of combined financial resources that the people of the household have combined. Some applicants make the mistake of deceiving the application process and make fraudulent claims such as adding "fake" people onto the application form in order to get a greater benefit amount. This is actually illegal, and can result in prosecution and/or banishment from the Washington D.C. TANF program.

Washington D.C. TANF Interview

When the applicant has submitted their application to the Washington D.C. DHS, the agents will review the application to ensure that the applicant's data falls within the acceptable range of approval for TANF. If they find that the applicant does fall within this criteria, they will schedule and interview time for the applicant. At this interview the applicant will present to the agent documents that contain identifying information, along with other documents that prove their financial situation (the agents will tell you what to bring). If for any reason due to a physical impairment or disability the applicant is unable to physically come to an interview, the DHS will setup a time for a telephone interview. The applicant must answer the telephone at the specified time given by the DHS.

When the interview is over, and the applicant is approved for TANF in Washington D.C., they will be issued and EBT card where the cash benefits will be loaded. This card will function in any ATM machine that accepts EBT, debit transactions, and even work at some gas pumps. The DHS will assign a date when they will reload the card with more cash on a monthly basis. If the recipient were to exhaust this money, they will need to wait until the assigned date for their benefits to be reloaded.

Please understand that during these economic times, there are many people searching for information on how to get TANF in Washington D.C. The lines may be long at the DHS office, so please bring a book or some other means to keep you occupied during the wait. Remember that the DHS is striving hard to process many applications as quickly as possible. They will process your application as soon as possible, and get back with you in a timely manner.

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