The Virginia TANF program.

How to get TANF in Virginia 

The Virginia DSS (Department of Social Services) regulates the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) welfare benefit program. Since there are so many people seeking how to get TANF in Virginia, the Virginia DSS has now implemented and automated application process. The TANF benefits have benefitted the people of Virginia by allowing the financially destitute to pay bills, avoid foreclosures and repossessions, and engage in the local economy. Families are often able to recover from devastating financial catastrophes by using this temporary welfare benefit.

The federal government of the United States provides funds to the State of Virginia to run the TANF program. The DSS not only processes the applications but also computes and distributes the cash benefits according to the laws set forth by the state. Every applicant that wishes to apply for the benefits will need to ensure that they are citizens of the United States, have incredibly low financial resources, and do not have any felony convictions. Also there are some time limitations that apply for those without children, the elderly, and the disabled.

Application Process for TANF in Virginia

Every applicant will need to gather pieces of income and identification documents such as pay stubs, bank statements, and social security information from every member in their home. These documents will greatly assist the applicant in completing either the Virginia online TANF application or the standard paper TANF application. The applicant should complete all answers to the best of their ability while making sure to be extremely accurate on their financial information. If the applicant is completing a standard paper application, they will need to take special note to write legibly and spell all information correctly in order to avoid any delays in processing time.

Make sure that all the answers are accurate and truthful. The amount of cash benefits awarded is based on the amount of people in the household measured against the income levels. Sometimes applicants boldly deceive their application in order to get a greater benefit amount. This is considered illegal, and can result in prosecution and/or a lifetime ban from the Virginia TANF program. If somebody just makes a simple mistake on their application, it is not treated this way. Only large portions of deceit such as adding people that do not exist to the application will result in these penalties.

TANF Interview and EBT System

When the application is submitted to the Virginia DSS the agent will quickly overlook the form to find if the applicant meets the minimum requirements of a recipient of the TANF benefit program. If the applicant's information is within the correct range, the DSS agent will arrange an interview time for the applicant to come into a field office for an interview. At this interview, the agent will review the financial documentation that proves the low financial resources of the applicant along with all identifying information. Generally the agent will just review the answers provided, but may sometimes need a bit more information on specific answers that were given.

When the applicant is approved for TANF in Virginia, the now recipient will be mailed and EBT (Electronic Benefits Transaction) card. This card in functionality is very much alike a standard debit card where a person can make debit transactions, cash withdraws, pay bills, or even withdraw money from ATM machines wherever EBT is accepted. The DSS agent will assign a specific date when the benefits will be reloaded on the card on a monthly basis. If the recipient spends all of the money before their reload time, they will have to wait until their benefits are reloaded on the date given. The DSS agents are unable to provide more funding to the recipient and can't award more funds that the scale allows.

Since there is a tremendous amount of economic uncertainty in America at the present time, there are many people seeking how to get TANF in Virginia. The DSS agents are working hard to process many applications and will process yours as soon as possible. The lines may be long at the DSS field offices so please bring a book or hire a sitter if you have young children. If you are unable to make it to an interview or have any questions, please contact a DSS office near you.

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