Apply for TANF benefits in Utah.

How to get Welfare TANF in Utah 

Utah's TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program grants federal money to impoverished and financially destitute families. The program was designed to ensure that people who have incredibly low financial resources and income levels will be able to pay their bills and engage in their local economy. This assistance greatly helps these families in need for a temporary time to get through these financially difficult times. Utah's DWS (Department of Workforce Services) handles all the applications and the federal money distribution for the TANF program in the state. The Utah FEP (Family Employment Program) is also a means on which welfare benefits are given to families in need.

With any welfare program, often there is a lot of misinformation given about the recipients. In Utah, in order for anybody to receive FEP or TANF, the applicant must be a citizen of the United States, complete a drug test, be free from felony convictions, and able to prove their low financial resources. Every applicant must be able to also prove the identity of every member of their household. The FEP and TANF program in Utah often help the local economy by keeping home values higher (by prevention of foreclosures) and also the local businesses benefit as the recipients will engage in commerce with them.

Applying for TANF / FEP in Utah

Every person wishing to apply for TANF / FEP in Utah will need to complete an application form. This form will have many questions pertaining to the individual and their family along with the household's financial information. In order to help anybody complete the application, they should gather documentation such as birth certificates, pay stubs, social security numbers, mortgage information, and bills. Any applicant can complete an online application or a standard paper application form. In most cases, applicants choose to file their application online in order to achieve a faster processing time. If the applicant chooses to file a paper application form to the DWS, they will need to take care to write legibly and complete the information accurately to ensure that the DWS agents will be able to process the answers provided.

Inaccuracies in the application are common and do happen. These can result in slight delays in the common processing time. In consideration that the cash awards are based on a sliding scale which measures the applicant's income and financial resources against how many people live in the home, some people decide to falsify information to get a greater cash award. This is intentional deceit and is considered a crime in the State of Utah. It can result in a permanent banishment or possibly even criminal prosecution. Please ensure that all answers are accurate and/or legible.

FEP / TANF Interview

After the applicant has completed the application and checked it over for errors, they will submit the application either online or in person at a DWS office. The agents will review the Utah TANF application to determine if the applicant's information falls within the possible range of approval. If the applicant's information is within the bounds of approval, they will be given an interview time with the DWS agent. At this interview it is common just to review the answers provided by the applicant and sometimes a bit more information will be needed on some of the answers. If the applicant has a disability or impairment that will not allow them to physically come to an interview, a phone interview time will be assigned. It is mandatory that the applicant answer the telephone for this interview to prevent severe delays or denial of the application.

When the applicant is approved, they will be considered a recipient. The new recipient will then be issued an EBT card that will arrive in the mail. This card will allow the recipient to make cash withdraws, debit purchases, and engage in business anywhere that EBT is accepted. The DWS will assign the date that the FEP / TANF benefits will be reloaded on the card on a monthly basis. If the applicant were to use all of the money on the card prior to being reloaded, they will have to wait until the next reload date for the funds to be available again.

Please keep in mind that there are many people seeking information on how to get TANF in Utah during these rough economic times. The lines at the DWS offices may be long, so please bring a book, hire a sitter, and have plenty of time available if there is a wait. The DWS agents are striving hard to process many applications as quickly as they can. Patience is always appreciated! The Utah FEP / TANF program is a federal program regulated by the State of Utah.

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