Apply for TANF in Texas.

How to Get Welfare TANF in Texas 

Texas TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) is a welfare benefit program that gives cash to financially indigent families for a temporary time. This allows struggling families in Texas to be able to maintain a level of financial stability as they undergo difficult financial matters in their lives. The funding for the Texas TANF program is provided by the federal government and managed by the Texas HHS (Health and Human Services) department. The HHS determines who is qualified to receive the TANF funds when processing the TANF application, and they also regulate the distribution of the funds as well.

The negative stigma that exists around the Texas TANF program is often based in uneducated rumors which detriment the program as a whole. The program has very strict regulations and rules that the HHS adheres to. Every applicant must be a citizen of the United States, be of impoverished income, have very little financial resources, must be free of felonies, and be able to prove every aspect of their finances. There is also a lifetime benefit maximum that the recipients can't receive to prevent people from using TANF as a lifestyle. There are three exemptions to the lifetime maximum rule. These include, the recipient is in the direct care of a minor, are in the care of a disabled person, or are in the care of an elderly person.

Apply for TANF in Texas

Any person wishing to apply for TANF in Texas will need to gather financial information and identification information about every member of the household. This includes social security information, birth certificates, bank statements, pay stubs, bills, mortgage information, and vehicle value information. All of this information will assist the applicant in completing the online application that Texas provides. The online application is optional as there are paper applications available as well. Most people choose the online application so that the HHS will be able to process the information in an expedited fashion.

The questions on the application must be answered accurately in order to prevent delays of the processing. All information will be required to be proven the HHS. Falsification of information is considered a crime and can result in a lifetime ban or even to prosecution. Common mistakes are not treated this way, but can delay the processing time. If the applicant chooses to complete a standard paper application form at a HHS office, they will need to ensure that their writing is neat and spelling accurate.

Texas TANF Interview

When the Texas TANF application is completed, the applicant will either electronically submit the article to the Texas HHS or bring the paper application to a HHS field office. The HHS agents will review the application form quickly to determine if the applicant falls within the scale to receive the benefits. If the applicant is within the range, the HHS will setup an interview with the applicant. At this interview, the applicant will provide their financial information along with any type of identification information that the HHS agents request. Most of the questions at this interview will cover the information provided on the application form, but sometimes the agents may need a bit more information on specific topics. If for any reason the applicant is not able to attend the HHS interview due to impairment or disability, the HHS will assign a phone interview time. The applicant must answer this telephone call in order to prevent denial of their application.

Upon approval of the TANF benefits in Texas, the recipient will receive a Lone Star Card. The card functions like an EBT card where a person can make cash withdraws, debit purchases, and even pay some bills wherever EBT is accepted. The funds given to the recipient is based on a scale and is not determined by any individual agent. The agent will also determine if the date on which the funds will be reloaded onto the card. If the recipient uses all of the funds in the account, they will have to wait until the assigned date for the benefits to be reloaded.

Since we are undergoing bad financial times in this country, there are a record number of people seeking how to get TANF in Texas. The lines at the HHS offices can be long, so it is advised to prepare to have to wait for service. The agents work hard to process many applications and want to process yours as quickly as possible. The Texas TANF program helps many Texans to engage in the local economies that they live in.

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