TANF benefits in South Dakota.

How to get TANF in South Dakota 

TANF is a program designed to give cash money to families in desperate and impoverished financial situations. Many families in South Dakota are seeking how to get TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) due to a rough economy and financial conditions at this time. The TANF program will help the recipients to be able to pay bills, their mortgage, car payments, insurance payments, and various other expenditures the family may incur. The South Dakota TANF program is funded by the federal government but regulated by the South Dakota DSS (Department of Social Services). The DSS will review all applications and make decisions on who will receive the benefits based on the information that the applicant provides.

Every applicant who wishes to receive TANF in South Dakota must meet the strict criteria designated by the state. All applicants must be impoverished, must be residents of South Dakota, Citizens of the United States, must not have been convicted of a felony, and must be in the care of a minor child. There are other circumstances that can attain approval for TANF benefits. These include recent death of a parent, sudden job loss, and being in the care of a disabled person.

Apply for TANF in South Dakota

It is suggested before any applicant begins either a paper or online TANF application form that they gather financial and identification information. This information includes all the Social Security Numbers from every member in the home, pay stubs, bank statements, bills, and mortgage information. This information will assist any applicant in completing the TANF application. Many applicants choose to complete and online application because it often reduced the processing time by the South Dakota DSS because the information will already be present in their database. If any applicant chooses to complete a paper application form, they will need to write legibly and spell their information correctly so that the DSS agents can properly read it.

Every applicant needs to answer all questions accurately to avoid delays in processing time. Intentional falsification of information in an attempt to get a higher benefit amount is considered fraudulent and can lead to prosecution or a lifetime ban from the South Dakota TANF program. This would not mean common errors, but rather large intentional deceiving answers such as adding people who do not exist. Common errors simply slightly delay the application process.

TANF Interview in South Dakota

When the application has been checked and re-checked by the applicant, they will submit it to the South Dakota DSS. Upon submission, it will be reviewed by the South Dakota DSS and the agent will see if the applicant falls within the range of possible acceptance of benefits. If they find that the applicant meets the criteria, they will setup an interview time with the applicant. At this interview, the applicant will provide the documentation used to answer the application, along with some identification documentation. The DSS representative will instruct the applicant which documents they need. If the applicant is disabled, the DSS will conduct a telephone interview with the applicant.

When the applicant is approved, they will have a choice on if they wish to receive the TANF money in their bank account or if they would like a US Bank "ReliaCard" which will work like a common EBT card. The funds will be replenished once a month on a date assigned by the South Dakota TANF DSS agent. If the recipient exhausts their balance, they will have to wait until this assigned date for the funds to be reloaded into their account or card. Keep in mind that the DSS representative awards the funding amount based off a scale, and cannot control the exact amount of funds that will be awarded based on their opinion.

There are many people seeking information on how to get TANF in South Dakota at this present time. The lines may be long at the DSS offices. Please be prepared to spend some time at the office. The DSS agents are working hard to process many applications and want to review your application as quickly as possible. Patience is appreciated and welcomed! Please remember all of the documentation requested by the South Dakota TANF agent in order to avoid lengthening the TANF application processing time.

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