TANF benefits in Rhode Island.

How to get TANF in Rhode Island 

The Rhode Island TANF program is known as Rhode Island Works. This program provides families with temporary cash assistance, job training, and medical coverage when a person is in a destitute financial circumstance. The Rhode Island Works program is funded by the federal government and regulated by the Rhode Island DHS. The DHS will process all applications and regulate the payments that will be awarded to all recipients. The recipients will be required to participate in job training and work with their agents in order to determine the continuation of benefits.

Oftentimes, welfare programs such as TANF or Rhode Island Works is frowned upon by society as a whole. The rumors circulating about the program and the requirements to receive the benefits are often mistaken. There are strict requirements that the Rhode Island DHS follows for all applicants who will be approved. All applicants must be citizens of the United States. They must be free from felony convictions, be in the care of minors, and have provable impoverished finances. There are time limits and other conditions that apply to recipients as well. The intent of the program is to help people during financially difficult times, and not be something where a person lives on it forever.

Apply for Rhode Island Works (TANF)

When a person wishes to apply for the Rhode Island works program, they will need to gather financial documents and information about every member of their household. The information includes birth certificates, pay stubs, bank statements, unemployment information, social security information, and information about various bills they have. This will assist all applications in filling out the Rhode Island Works TANF application form. A copy of the application can be acquired at any Rhode Island DHS office. The applicant should take special note to write legibly and fill out all of the information as accurately as possible. Please understand that the application will be read by another person, and they must be able to read it in order to process it.

All of the information on the Rhode Island Works application must be accurate. The information presented will determine how much cash money is awarded to the recipient. Since the money awarded is based upon a pre-configured scale which measures the financial resources against the people in the home, some people decide to intentionally falsify information on the application to get greater cash benefits. This is considered fraud, and can have the applicant permanently banned from the Rhode Island Works program and can even lead to a criminal prosecution. Simple erroneous mistakes are not treated this way and are common, but can delay the processing time of the application.

Rhode Island Works Interview for TANF Benefits

After the application has been completed and submitted to the Rhode Island DHS office, it will be reviewed by a DHS agent to see if the applicant meets the requirements to get on the Rhode Island Works welfare program. If the income level and members of the household fall into the correct scale to receive the benefits, the agent will setup an interview with the applicant. The applicant will be asked to bring in identification information along with bank statements and various other financial documents to prove their economic situation. The agent will be asking questions about the application mainly to verify the information given, but they may also need some more information about particular answers given.

Once the applicant is approved for the Rhode Island Works program, they will receive and EBT card in the mail. The recipients will be able to make common debit transactions, make less cash withdraws, and pay their bills with the card. Often it allows the recipient to engage in the local economy which allows them to engage in commerce with local businesses. The card will be assigned a specific date on a monthly basis where it will be reloaded with more cash.

The Rhode Island Works (TANF) is popular right now in the struggling economy that our nation is facing. The lines may be long at the DHS offices. Please bring all the information that you need for the interview to avoid having to appear at the offices more than you need to. Please remember that the DHS agents are working hard to process many applications and want to process yours as quickly as possible. Patience is welcomed, appreciated, and will be returned. The TANF system of Rhode Island has helped many people in your community and can help you too!

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