Instructions to apply for TANF benefits in Pennsylvania.

How to get TANF in Pennsylvania 

Dramatically swaying financial calamity plaguing many American families is leaving many people seeking how to get TANF in Pennsylvania. The TANF program (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) is designed to help families to be able to pay bills and have money when they are facing impoverished financial conditions. TANF in Pennsylvania is funded by the federal government and regulated by the "Department of Public Welfare" (DPW). The DPW will be in charge of regulating the payments and approving the applicants who wish to receive the benefits.

Unlike popular belief, TANF has vigorous and strict requirements that applicants must meet in order to be approved. Every applicant must be a citizen of the United States. Other requirements include provable impoverished financial resources, free from felonies, and the applicant will need to furnish the value of their home and vehicles. This benefit also will help the local economy where they are used as the welfare recipient will be able to engage in commerce with businesses. TANF can also help keep homes valuable as foreclosures are often prevented.

Apply for TANF in Pennsylvania

Every person who wants to receive TANF benefits in Pennsylvania must apply for them. This process can be completed online, or may be completed by filling out a standard paper application form. The paper application may be obtained from any DPW office. It is helpful prior to filling out the application to gather financial documentation and information about every member of the applicant's home. This information includes Social Security numbers, bank statements, pay stubs, bills, and information on the debts owed by every member of the home. This information will greatly assist any applicant in accurately completing the TANF application and will help to expedite the application processing time.

All of the information needs to be accurate on the Pennsylvania TANF application. Since the payments awarded by the TANF program are based on a scale that measures the income level versus the amount of people in the home, sometimes people attempt to defraud the system by intentionally lying on their application to receive higher payments. This is a fraudulent crime, and can result in being terminated from the program for life. Sometimes it can even result in prosecution depending on the fraud amount. Common mistakes are not treated this way, but can result in some delay in the application processing time. It is also important for the applicant to write legibly on a paper TANF application from to allow for the DPW to be able to read it.

Pennsylvania TANF Interview

When the application is submitted it will be reviewed by the DPW. If the applicant's information appears to fall within the bounds of being a potential recipient, they will assign an interview time. At this interview, the applicant will provide the documentation used in completing the application form along with identification information. Most of the questions asked will be about the application, and some of the answers may need more clarification for the DPW. If any applicant is unable to attend a physical interview due to a disability or condition, they will be assigned a telephone interview time. It is mandatory that they are home and pick up the telephone for this interview to avoid delays or denial of their application.

When the applicant is approved for TANF in Pennsylvania, they will receive an EBT card in the mail. This will enable them to make cash withdraws and debit transactions in a similar fashion to a common debit card. The recipient will be given a date where the cash benefits will be reloaded on a monthly basis. If the recipient exhausts their benefits before the assigned date, they will have to be patient and wait until they are reloaded on this assigned date.

Everybody should remember that the DPW is very busy as there are many people seeking how to get TANF in Pennsylvania at this time. The agents are striving hard to complete the reviews of many applications as quickly as they possibly can. The lines are often long at the offices, so be prepared to be able to spend some time whenever you need services from the DPW. Patience is welcomed and appreciated by all DPW agents.

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