How to get TANF benefits in Oregon.

How to get TANF in Oregon 

Many people encounter difficulties making ends meet and are looking for how to get TANF in Oregon. The Oregon TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) assists both needy families and individuals by awarding cash monies on a monthly basis. This enables the people of Oregon to curb extreme poverty from the people who have the lowest income. The Oregon TANF program is funded by the United States federal government but is regulated by the Oregon Department of Human Services. The DHS is the agency that accepts the applications and completes the interview process for those applying for welfare.

Despite the often negative rumors that circulate about the TANF program, the program benefits the people of Oregon greatly. It will help people in destitute poverty to pay bills and engage in the local economy. It curbs issues such as foreclosures and repossessions which will help property values remain more stable. The program also helps people who have little resources to engage in the local economy where they live.

The requirements for an individual to receive the Oregon TANF benefits are very strict. First they will absolutely have to be under the federal poverty line. Second, all applicants will need to be able to prove their income level, bills, and provide birth certificates for every member of their home. Third, the applicant will need to be free from felony convictions. Fourth, the applicant will need to be a citizen of the United States. Fifth, the applicant must have not of exceeded the maximum lifetime yearly cap on the benefits. The cap is designed to prevent people from staying on welfare forever and encourage individuals to seek better forms of employment. There are exemptions to the cap rule which include people in the care for minors, the elderly, or disabled.

Apply for TANF in Oregon

Every applicant will need to complete and Oregon TANF application form. The application form can be completed either online or in a standard paper application that can be obtained from any Oregon DHS office. Most people opt to complete the application online because it reduces the processing time that the DHS will take. It is helpful to gather information such as birth certificates, social security numbers, pay stubs, and bank statements prior to starting the application because it will contain pertinent information needed to complete the form.

Since the amount of TANF awarded is based on the income level of every member of the house and also the amount of the people in the household who will be benefitting from the money, some people attempt to deceive the system. This is considered fraud and can result in a person being banned from the benefit program for life. Sometimes it even results in prosecution. Common mistakes are not treated this way as the DHS understands that we are all human capable of mistakes.

TANF Interview and Approval in Oregon

When the application is completed and submitted to the DHS, it will undergo a review process. The DHS will determine if the applicant falls into the range of being accepted into the benefit program. If they do, the DHS agent in charge of the case will setup an interview time with the applicant. The applicant and the DHS agent will review the application during the interview and the applicant will provide information about their financial situation along with identifying information. If the applicant is unable to physically attend and interview due to a physical impairment or disability, a phone interview will be conducted. It is mandatory that the applicant answer the telephone for this interview or their applicant will be severely delayed or denied.

When the applicant is approved, they will get an EBT card in the mail. The now recipient will be able to make debit purchases and cash withdraws from ATM's and less cash while making debit purchases. The card will be refilled on a monthly basis at an assigned time given by the DHS. Please remember that the DHS agent does not determine the amount of money that will be awarded, rather it is based off a formula that is set and determined based on the income level and people in the home.

Since there are so many people learning how to get TANF in Oregon at this time, it may result in long lines at your local DHS offices. All of the DHS agents are working hard to process many applications and are striving to process your application as quickly as possible. The TANF benefits will be back dated to the moment your application form was received by the DHS to ensure that no money will be lost during the processing time.

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