TANF benefits in Oklahoma.

How to get TANF in Oklahoma 

With the unsettled economy constantly pillaging the financial security of the masses, there are many people looking to learn how to get TANF in Oklahoma. The TANF welfare benefit system of Oklahoma is a federally funded welfare system that gives cash to families and individuals in desperate financial circumstances. Since TANF stands for "temporary assistance for needy families", it is easy to conclude that this assistance is meant for only a temporary time and is awarded only to those who meet the strict requirements. This program gives large boosts to local economies across the United Sates by allow people to continue to participate in local commerce despite their lack of funds.

Popular rumor denotes that anybody can be approved for TANF in Oklahoma, which often gives the program negative connotations. The facts are that all applicants must be United States citizens, have desperately low finances, be felony free, and must have not of depleted the lifetime yearly benefit maximum. Since the program is only used as a welfare safety net to thwart financial devastation to people who are in rough financial circumstances at the present time, the government has set a limit on the amount of years that somebody can receive Oklahoma TANF. There are exemptions to this maximum allowance however. The people who qualify for this exemption are those who are in the care of the elderly, disabled, and in the care of minors.

Oklahoma TANF Application

When a person decides that they are ready to apply for the Oklahoma TANF program, it is a good idea to gather documentation that will help them complete either a paper or online application. The documentation includes, identification information, social security numbers for everybody in the home, bank statements, bills, and pay stubs. The applicant will need to complete an online or paper application that can be obtained at any Oklahoma DHS office. Applicants will often choose to file the application online because normally the processing time is faster.

All answers on the application must be complete and legible. The information will be cross referenced according the documentation that the applicant will provide during the interview process. Since the benefits that are awarded are based on a scale that computes the amount of people in the home versus the household income, some people decide that it would be a good idea to exaggerate the numbers in order to get a greater benefit amount. This is considered fraud in the State of Oklahoma and can result in a lifetime banishment of TANF benefits and/or prosecution. Common mistakes are not handled this way however it could increase the processing time.

Oklahoma TANF Interview Process

After the application is submitted in person or online, it will undergo a review process. During this review, the Oklahoma DHS agents will tally the income level and financial resources of the household to determine if they meet the necessary qualifications. If the applicant does, they will be assigned an interview time where they will need to bring in information about their income level. If for any reason the applicant is unable to make it physically (due to a disability or illness) they will be given an interview over the telephone. Upon completion of the telephone interview, the applicant will be told which documents to mail to the Oklahoma DHS. These documents will also be copied during a physical interview of the Oklahoma TANF program.

If the applicant is approved, the now recipient will receive an Oklahoma EBT card. The EBT or "electronic benefits transaction" card will be loaded with funds (determined by the interview) on a monthly basis at an assigned date. Whenever the benefits are exhausted, the recipient will have to wait until a future date to receive more funds.

Please remember during these times, the Oklahoma DHS agents are working hard to process many applications. The lines at the DHS offices may be long. Patience is always appreciated and welcome during the Oklahoma TANF application process.

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