TANF application process in Ohio.

How to get TANF in Ohio 

Life presents many of us with financial challenges that results in many people seeking how to get TANF in Ohio. The Ohio DJFS or "Department of Jobs and Family Services" regulates the federal funding for the TANF welfare benefits. It is their duty to review and approve people to receive the benefits as well as regulate the distribution of the funds. The people of Ohio can apply for TANF benefits at any DJFS office or they may also apply for the benefits at the DJFS web site.

TANF often is viewed with negative connotations often based on rumors. Most people of Ohio do not understand the extremely strict rules that all recipients of the benefits must adhere to in order to get the benefits. Every Ohio TANF recipient must be citizens of the United States, be under the national poverty level, have an extremely low income, and also be free of felony convictions. Also, there is a lifetime yearly cutoff to the amount of time that an individual or family may receive the benefits. This often prevents people from being "on the system" for life, and encourages the recipients to acquire jobs. However, there are exemptions to the cutoff, which include people with disabilities, people who have minors in the house, and those caring for the elderly. The exemptions exist as a safeguard to the helpless.

Apply for TANF in Ohio

To apply for TANF in Ohio, the applicant will need to complete an application form online, or acquire a paper application from any DJFS office. Many people choose to complete the application online because it usually will shrink the processing time by the DJFS. It is helpful prior to completing the application that the applicant gathers documentation such as birth certificates, pay stubs, bank statements and bills of every member of the household since the application will be asking for this information. If the applicant is completing a paper application, they will need to write very legibly since illegible writing will severely delay the processing time.

On the Ohio TANF application form, all of the answers must be answered honestly. Since the benefits awarded are calculated off a scale which puts income and members of a household together, some people construe that it would be clever to falsify information to get a larger benefit award. This is actually a crime and can result in the applicant being banned for life from getting Ohio TANF or may even result in criminal prosecution. Common mistakes are not treated this way, but may simply result in a delay in processing.

TANF Interview with the DJFS

Once the application is completed and submitted to the DJFS, it will go under a review process. If the applicant's information falls within the scale that will allow them to receive TANF, the DJFS will contact the applicant to setup an interview time. At this interview, the DJFS agent will review the application in detail and ask the applicant for identification and financial statements. If the applicant is unable to make it to the interview due to a physical disability the DJFS will conduct a phone interview with the applicant. The applicant must answer the telephone during the set times, or else it could result in a severe delay or outright denial of benefits.

Once approved, the recipient will be given an EBT card. Many stores and ATM machines will accept the card for debit transactions and cash withdraws. The card will be loaded with the assigned monies on a monthly basis. When the cash is emptied from the balance, the recipient will have to wait until the assigned date in order for the card to be reloaded with funds.

Currently there are many people seeking how to get TANF in Ohio, and the lines may be long at the DJFS office. Please allow yourself plenty of time when you visit any office. The DJFS agents are working hard to get your application processed in a timely manner. Patience is always encouraged and appreciated! If any applicant needs assistance completing the TANF application or speaks any language other than English, the DJFS office will be able to assist you. Also, anybody with a hearing impairment will be able to have assistance in the office.

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