TANF benefits in North Dakota.

How to get TANF in North Dakota 

If you would like to learn how to get TANF in North Dakota there will be some simple steps that you need to follow. The temporary assistance for needy families program is a welfare system funded by the federal government and regulated by the North Dakota Department of Human Services. This welfare benefit is designed to help financially struggling families by giving them free cash benefits to help them pay bills. Of course this benefit often has a negative connotation without the positive impacts on the local economy being considered. House values remain higher because it will keep the foreclosure rate down, there will be less vehicle repossessions, and recipients will often spend their money in the local economy helping businesses.

The benefit program will only be available to individuals on a temporary basis and is designed to keep most people off this system for life. Exemptions to this would include people who are caring for minors, the elderly, and anybody caring for a totally disabled person. This safeguard exists to ensure that helpless people will always have some financial means to make it through their life. Unlike many popular rumors, the North Dakota TANF program has very strict rules that the DHS follows to approve any recipient. United States citizenship is required and all applicants must be under the federal poverty line.

North Dakota TANF Application

Most people apply for the North Dakota TANF program online because they want to avoid face to face contact with the DHS during the application process. They do not realize that later an interview must be conducted by the DHS in order to approve them for TANF. However, one exception to this rule is if the person has some form of disability where they are unable to make it to a DHS office. If the applicant wishes to complete a normal paper application form, they will need to be sure to write legibly so that the DHS agents can read it.

Answers must always be truthful. The North Dakota TANF program awards all cash benefits based on a sliding scale that gives larger cash benefits based on income versus amount of people in the home. Sometimes people consider falsifying information to give them a higher amount of money. This is actually a crime and can end up in a criminal prosecution against the applicant. Be sure that all answers are correct and answered to the best of your ability.

TANF interview in North Dakota

The North Dakota DHS will need to conduct an interview with any applicant who falls within the boundaries for approval. Here they will need a lot of personal documentation such as birth certificates, social security cards, bank statements, and bills. This is to verify the information presented on the TANF application and also to ensure the state that the applicant is in fact and American citizen. During the interview most of the questions will revolve around the answers given on the application. The DHS will also be able to assist anybody with unanswered questions on the application if the applicant did not understand.

After the approval of the TANF benefits in North Dakota, the recipient will receive an EBT card in the mail. The recipient will be able to swipe the card through standard debit card readers and ATM machines. This will allow them to make cash withdraws and debit purchases with their benefit card. Once the amount of benefits assigned to the recipient are exhausted, the recipient will need to wait until the monthly assigned date for the benefits to be refilled.

Remember in these tough economic times, many people are seeking how to get TANF in North Dakota. Lines at the DHS may be quite extensive and patience is appreciated! Keep in mind that the DHS agents are working hard to process many applications as quickly as possible to help the people of North Dakota.

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