How to Get Welfare TANF in North Carolina 

Welfare, also known as TANF is a program that provides cash assistance to low income and needy families for a temporary time, or if needed for a long time. Welfare assistance will provide individuals with actual money to assist them in paying their bills, mortgage, or other small spending needs. Welfare is funded by the federal government and is run through state offices. In order to get welfare TANF benefits in North Carolina, follow these steps.

What you will need:
* Ability to prove your income level.
* Ability to apply online and/or make it to a local office.

1. Acquire a welfare TANF application form from any state DHS office. You can sometimes download the welfare application form online, or you can have it mailed to you as well. Most people feel that the easiest way to get a welfare application is to simply have it mailed to you. You can have a welfare TANF application mailed to you by calling:


2. Fill out the welfare TANF application as accurately as possible. Be sure to be extremely accurate on the amount of money that you earn as this will determine your welfare eligibility and the amount of cash that you can get. If you need help filling out your application, contact your local DHS office.

3. Bring your welfare TANF application to a human services office near you. You can find the address to your local North Carolina human services office by visiting:

   North Carolina TANF Benefits

4. Once your application is approved, you will begin to get welfare / TANF checks or a debit card run through the EBT system. If you need any assistance while on this government benefit assistance program, be sure to contact your human services office.

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