New York TANF benefits for working families.

How to get TANF in New York 

With so many families struggling to make ends meet in the torrentially shifting economy we have today, many are seeking ways to learn how to get TANF in New York. The New York OTDA (Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance) regulates federal funding and the applications for the residents of New York. The temporary assistance (TA) offered to families and individuals of New York gives cash benefits to assist people in destitute financial situations to pay bills and meet other financial needs temporarily. This enables individuals to stay on secure financial footing while going through bad financial times. Often this helps the economy of New York by preventing needless foreclosures (keeps home values) and prevents repossessions.

The OTDA has strict regulations and rules on who it will approve to get TANF or TA. Each applicant must be a resident of New York, be a citizen of the United States, be free of felony convictions, have provable low finances, and a very low to no income. The OTDA will review all information provided by the applicant to ensure the applicant falls within the bounds of the regulations. Since the benefits are designed to be used for a temporary time, the State of New York has set a maximum yearly lifetime limit to allow people to receive the benefits. If an individual has exhausted this limit, they will no longer be allowed to receive TANF in New York. There are exemptions to this limit which include people who are in the care of minors, the elderly, and those caring for people with a disability.

New York Temporary Assistance Application

The New York TANF program is simple to apply for. An online application can be obtained from any OTDA office or one may apply online. It is suggested prior to completing the application form, the applicant gather documents with pertinent information about income, social security, income (such as bank statements and pay stubs), and bills. These documents will assist the applicant in the completion of the application. Many people choose to complete the online application form to help expedite the processing time that the OTDA will need. The online application's processing time increase is due to the fact that the information will already be in the OTDA's computer systems. If the applicant chooses to complete a paper New York TANF application form, they will need to be sure to write legibly and spell correctly so that it can be processed. If any assistance is needed to complete the application, please contact the OTDA office.

All applicants are required to answer every question truthfully and to the best of their ability. The amount of money that the temporary assistance provides is based of a scale of income level and people in the home. For this reason on occasion some people will attempt to falsify information in order to get a higher benefit level. This is considered a crime and can result in a ban for life from receiving TANF and can sometimes result in criminal prosecution. Answers that are simple mistakes will only result in delays in processing time.

New York TANF Interview

Whether the application was completed online or by paper, after submission, the OTDA agents will review the application to ensure that the applicant falls within the scale to receive benefits. If the applicant does, they will be assigned an interview time. The interview will usually just cover topics of review of the application. The applicant will need to provide some documentation proving their identity and income levels. Phone interviews are often given to people who have a disability and are unable to physically make it to an interview in person.

When the applicant is approved, they will receive an EBT card. This card can be used by the new recipient to make debit transactions, make cash withdraws, and pay bills. The card will be refilled with the set amount of cash benefits on the date assigned by the OTDA. If the benefits are exhausted prior to the date, the recipient will have to be patient until the card is replenished with TA cash benefits automatically.

Please remember that there are many families seeking how to get TANF in New York at this time. There may be long lines at the OTDA office. Please understand that all agents are busy trying to process many applications. Patience is always welcome and appreciated.

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