New Mexico TANF benefits.

How to get TANF in New Mexico 

With poverty growing in record numbers, many people are trying to learn how to get TANF in New Mexico. The TANF program gives cash infusions to both families and singles alike that are in tremendous financial destitution. With so many needing this form of assistance, the federal government allows for the New Mexico Human Services Department (or NMHSD) to regulate who is approved for the TANF benefits and how much they will receive. The "temporary assistance for needy families" program greatly helps the financially desperate people of New Mexico by allowing them to pay bills and to continue their lives until they are able to reach a more solid financial foundation. The recipients usually pay their bills and meet other financial obligations with the TANF money they receive. The benefits also prop up local economies and house values by prevention of foreclosures and repossessions.

The requirements to be approved for the New Mexico TANF welfare program are very strict. All recipients of this federally funded benefit must be citizens of the United States, felony free, have low cash reserves, and a low income level. Also it is important that the recipient has not exhausted the yearly maximum that they are allowed to receive the benefit. Since the program is designed to help for a temporary time, the NMHSD only allows a specified amount of years that a person is allowed to receive TANF. The exemptions to this cap are those who are in the care of minors, those in care of the elderly, and those in the care of disabled people to ensure that the helpless will be taken care of.

New Mexico TANF Application

The application for the New Mexico TANF program can be downloaded online. It is important for the applicant to gather financial and personal information about every person living in their home. Documents such as birth certificates, social security information, bills, pay stubs, and other income information will assist in completing the application. All answers must be complete and legible so that the NMHSD agents will be able to submit the data into their computer systems. Illegible answers will result in delays of the application processing time.

Every answer must be truthful an accurate. Since the amount of cash rewards is based on the income and people in the household from a scale, any answer that is intentionally deceptive is considered fraudulent and is a crime. This can result in lifetime banishment from the New Mexico TANF program or in some cases prosecution. Simple mistakes are not handled this way and are common, but they can delay the processing time.

New Mexico TANF Interview and EBT System

After the answers are submitted or faxed to the NMHSD, they will be reviewed to make sure that the applicant falls within the range of acceptance of benefits. If they do, the NMHSD agent will assign an interview time for the applicant. At this interview, the applicant will need to confirm information on the application and may need to give more explanation for some of the answers. Also the applicant may need to bring in documentation such as pay stubs and bank statements to prove their financial resources. If for any reason the applicant is unable to make it physically to an interview at a NMHSD office, they will be assigned a time for a phone interview.

When the applicant is approved to receive TANF benefits in New Mexico, they will be mailed an EBT card for use. This card will allow the recipient to make debit purchases; less cash, cash withdraws from ATM machines, and in some cases pay bills. The amount of money given to the recipient will vary and is based off a scale. The recipient will have an assigned date to which the TANF benefits will be refilled onto the EBT card.

Since there are many people seeking how to get TANF in New Mexico at the present time, the lines may be long at the NMHSD offices. Please know that there are many agents striving hard to process your application as soon as possible. Patience is appreciated and welcome! There will be back pay granted to the application date for delays in processing time.

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