How to get New Jersey TANF benefits.

How to get TANF in New Jersey 

With major financial disasters harming the pocketbooks of many Americans in our current day, there are many people seeking how to get TANF in New Jersey. The temporary assistance for needy family's welfare benefit program of New Jersey gives cash monies to families and individuals who have incredibly bad financial situations. The benefit will help these people to pay their bills along with meet other financial obligations for a temporary time so that they will avoid financial ruin. This helps the overall economy because it will lesson foreclosures and repossessions which will help keep property values higher. Also, it will help the overall economy because the recipients of TANF will contribute to businesses in New Jersey.

There are strict rules that the New Jersey DHS follows to approve any applicant for TANF benefits. United States citizenship is required along with a family or individual having a very low income level and resources. A person's resources such as their vehicle values, bank account balances, money on hand, must not exceed the maximum level set by the New Jersey DHS in order to get TANF benefits. Also, New Jersey imposes a maximum lifetime benefit for able bodied adults who are capable of work. Those who may be exempt from the lifetime yearly maximum benefit are those who care for minors, the disabled, and the elderly.

New Jersey TANF Application Process

To apply for the New Jersey TANF benefits system, an applicant will need to gather important information about the people in their home along with income and bill information. It may help to gather information such as birth certificates, social security numbers, bank statements, mortgage information, and current utility bills. If there are any pay stubs from work income, that will also assist in the application process.

The applicant can either complete a paper TANF application or they may fill out an application online. Most often people choose to complete the online application so that the processing time will be slightly faster. If the applicant chooses to complete a standard paper application (which can be picked up at any New Jersey DHS office), they will need to ensure that they write legibly and spell correctly to avoid any delay in the processing time.

Please answer all questions on the New Jersey TANF application accurately and truthfully. Since the benefits are awarded off a scale based on income levels and the amount of people in the home, any intentional deception in order to get a greater benefit amount is considered fraud and is a crime. Anybody who places intentional deception on the application may be banned for life from TANF benefits and possibly prosecuted. Normal errors are not treated this way, but may cause a delay in the TANF application processing time.

New Jersey TANF Interview

When the applicant has finally completed the application and triple checked it for accuracy, they will need to submit the TANF application either online or bring it to a New Jersey DHS office. If the DHS agents find that the applicant's information falls within the range to be approved for TANF benefits, they will arrange for an interview time with the applicant. At this interview the applicant will basically be asked about some of the answers on their application. They may also need to provide proof for certain information on the application. If for any reason (such as a physical impairment) a person is unable to attend an interview, they will be assigned a specific time that they may be interviewed over the telephone. It is mandated that they answer their phone during the set interview time in order to avoid an extreme delay or outright denial for TANF.

After the interview is conducted and the applicant is approved for New Jersey TANF benefits the now recipient will be given an EBT card (or mailed). The New Jersey EBT card will allow the TANF recipient to make debit styled purchases along with cash withdraws wherever EBT is accepted. The recipient will be assigned the cash award on a monthly basis at a specified date. The specific amount is determined off a scale and is not determined by any DHS agent.

Please remember that the New Jersey DHS is currently seeing an unusually high amount of people seeking how to get TANF at this time. The lines may be long at the DHS office. Patience is always welcome and appreciated. The New Jersey DHS agents are working hard to process many applications at this time. Online applications simplify the process and will help the agents to approve of New Jersey TANF benefits in an expedited manner.

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