Learn how to get TANF benefits in New Hampshire.

How to get TANF in New Hampshire 

Many people today want to learn how to get TANF in New Hampshire because the current economy has inflicted masses of people with financial hardship. TANF (aka Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) is a welfare safety net designed to give families in destitute financial circumstances cash benefits. This allows families and individuals to get past rough financial times in their lives until they are able to get back on their feet. The TANF program in New Hampshire is directed by the DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services). The DHHS receives funding by the federal government and distributes it to all of the TANF state wide recipients. They are also in charge of approving the applicants to receive the benefits.

The New Hampshire TANF program often saves local economies and preserves home values. The recipients of TANF will be able to pay their bills, mortgage, and automobile payments for a temporary time until they are able to achieve more financial success.

Unlike popular rumors dictate, the requirements for an individual to receive TANF benefits are very strict. All recipients must be United States citizens, have an extremely low to no income, and have not exhausted the lifetime limitations for the benefits. These limitations are accrued on an annual basis and all individuals have a specific amount of years in which they can receive TANF. The exemptions to the lifetime benefit include those who are in the care of elderly, disabled, or minors.

New Hampshire TANF Application Process

The New Hampshire TANF application process is simple so long as the applicant understands the information that will need to be provided on the application form. It is encouraged for the applicant to gather bank statements, bills, birth certificates, and social security information of everybody in the home. Also, the applicant will need information on all of the income sources for the home. These pieces of information will help the applicant complete the TANF application in a timely manner. The New Hampshire TANF application can be completed online or by using a paper application form. The paper application can be obtained by visiting any New Hampshire DHHS office.

The applicant needs to ensure that accuracy and legibility is established and used on the application. A DHHS agent will have to read the information submitted on the application in order to enter it into their computer system. Often people choose to complete the application online because the application is often processed quicker because the DHHS will already have the data in their computer systems. Please remember to be accurate in all the information on the New Hampshire TANF application form. Any intentional deceit intended on increasing benefit amounts is considered fraud and will result in the applicant being banned from benefits for life, or possibly prosecuted.

TANF Interview in New Hampshire

When the application is finally submitted and reviewed by a New Hampshire DHHS representative, it will go into a review process to determine if the applicant's information falls within the range to be approved for benefits. If the agent determines that the applicant does fall within the range, they will setup an interview time with the applicant. The applicant will most likely be required to bring identification information and other information pertaining to the financial status of the applicant. The interview most likely will center around the information provided on the application form. If the applicant is disabled or for any reason unable to physically make it to the interview, they will conduct the interview over the telephone. The time will be setup for a telephone interview and the agent will call between the specified times. The applicant needs to remember that they are required to pick up the phone to avoid a delay or denial in their TANF application.

Once the interview is complete and the applicant is approved, the new recipient will receive an EBT card in the mail. This convenient card will function identically to a common debit card to make debit transactions along with cash withdraws. Some utility providers will also accept payments through the New Hampshire TANF EBT card. When the cash benefits are exhausted, the recipient will have to wait until the specified date assigned to them for their cash benefits to be refilled.

Please remember that there are many people at this time seeking how to get TANF in New Hampshire and the lines may be long at the DHHS office. The agents are striving hard to process as many applications as they possibly can and want to process yours quickly. The agents have no control over the amount of benefits that will be awarded to the applicant and merely go off a sliding scale that is pre-determined by law. Patience given to the DHHS is appreciated!

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