How to get Nevada TANF.

How to get TANF in Nevada 

With the personal finances of many Americans being ravaged with all of the economic fluctuations, it's leaving many people wanting to learn how to get TANF in Nevada. The Nevada "temporary assistance for needy families" program is a welfare benefit that awards cash money to families in destitute financial circumstances. The program is directed and managed by the Nevada DHHS. The Department of Health and Human Services in Nevada approves the recipients for the benefit as well as distributes the funds granted by the federal government for the needy. The Nevada TANF program helps the overall economy of Nevada by the prevention of foreclosures, repossessions, and allowing those in bad financial situations to engage in the local economy.

The Nevada DHHS regulates the TANF recipients with incredibly strict rules. All recipients must be citizens of the United States, have a considerably low income, low financial resources, be felony free, and not have exhausted the yearly lifetime benefits. The yearly lifetime benefit encourages people to only use the Nevada TANF program as a safety net and to prevent usage for life. There are exemptions to the yearly lifetime benefit rules. The exemptions include people who are in the care of minors, elderly, or disabled people. These exemptions exist to keep a safety net up for Americans who are helpless to their living situations.

Nevada TANF Application Process

To apply for the Nevada TANF program, the applicant will need to be prepared to answer numerous personal questions as well as questions about their financial situation. It is helpful for the applicant to gather birth certificates, social security numbers, bank statements, bills, and the amount of cash on hand that the applicant has. These documents will assist on the rather lengthy Nevada TANF application form. The application form is available online or can also be completed by acquiring a paper application form at any Nevada DHHS office. Often the online form is processed faster because the information will already be present in the computer systems of the DHHS. If the applicant opts to complete a standard paper application form, they will need to write legibly and spell correctly to avoid rejection or delays of the application review.

The applicant will need to answer all questions with accuracy. Any questions answered in the attempts to intentionally deceive the Nevada DHHS in order to get a greater benefit amount are considered fraud and is a crime in the state of Nevada. Legibility and accuracy will help expedite all paper application forms. Please keep in mind that all DHHS agents will have to read the paper application in order to process it. If you need assistance completing the paper application, the DHHS will be able to assist you.

Nevada TANF Interview and EBT Card

Once the Nevada TANF application is completed and submitted, it will go into a review process to verify that the applicant is within the scope of approval for benefits. If the DHHS finds the applicant to be within the range of approval, they will issue the applicant an interview time. At this interview, the DHHS agent will again review the applicant, collect identification and financial information, and retrieve any more needed information from the applicant. If approved, the DHHS representative will assign the date that the cash benefits will be loaded onto an EBT card, along with telling the applicant how much cash they will be awarded monthly. All applicants should remember that the DHHS will issue the benefits based on a scale, and they can not increase the benefit amounts. The scale is the guide that they follow and is part of the rules in benefit distribution.

Soon the new recipient will receive an EBT card in the mail. This card will have the functionality of a debit card where debit purchases can be made. The recipient of the Nevada TANF benefits will also be able to make cash withdraws from ATM machines along with less cash withdraws during debit purchases. Some utility providers will accept the EBT card for the payment of bills as well.

Please remember during this uncertain economic turbulence that many families are seeking how to get TANF in Nevada. There may be long lines at the DHHS office. All applicants are to know that the representatives are working hard to process their applications as soon as possible. The DHHS appreciates patience and courtesy and is working hard for you!

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