How to get TANF in Missouri.

How to get TANF in Missouri 

Today, there are many people seeking how to get TANF in Missouri due to a rough boom and bust cycle on the economy. The "temporary assistance for needy families" welfare program is a cash benefit system designed to provide families and individuals with financial help through rough economic times. In Missouri, the Department of Social Services regulates and manages who is approved for the assistance and also regulating the amount of benefits awarded.

The Missouri DSS follows strict guidelines and rules on who they approve for TANF. Every recipient must be in a desperate financial circumstance and have little to no income. They must also be felony free in most cases, and be citizens of the United States. The DSS will verify all information from the applicants to ensure the proper amounts of benefits will be awarded.

Apply for Missouri TANF

Any applicant can complete a standard paper application at any Missouri DSS office. Applicants also have the option of filing the application online, which usually expedites the processing time and review. This is because the information will already be present in the DSS representative's computer system. It is suggested that all applicants have personal information ready prior to application inception. The applicant will need birth certificates, social security numbers, bills, mortgages, and information.

As the applicant completes the information, they need to take special care to not answer questions inaccurately. Intentionally fictionalizing answers is considered fraud, and is a crime. This is because some people will attempt to fudge numbers to try to get more TANF benefits. Doing this will usually ban them from ever getting on the Missouri TANF again, and sometimes leads to prosecution. If the applicant is completing a paper styled application form, they need to be sure to write legibly so that the DSS can easily process the application. All of the information needs to be spelled correctly and balances submitted correctly.

Missouri TANF Interview, Approval, and EBT Card

Whenever the applicant finishes all of the questions on the Missouri TANF application, they will need to submit the form. This can be done either online or by simply bringing it by any DSS office. The information will be reviewed by the DSS agents and if the applicant falls into the monetary range for potential approval, they will assign the applicant an interview time. At this interview, it is often requested that the applicant bring in documentation proving their identity, bills, and bank statements. If an applicant is disabled or unable to attend the interview due to a physical impairment, a telephone interview will be conducted. If the applicant getting the telephone interview misses the call, they could be denied or delayed the TANF benefit. It is very important that they are prepared for the interview with documentation when they receive the call. The interview is mostly just a confirmation of information on the application. Sometimes, they will need more expanded answers in some areas.

After the applicant is approved for Missouri TANF, it won't be long before they receive an EBT card in the mail. It will function identically to a standard debit card for debit purchases, paying bills, and withdrawing cash. The card will be loaded with the allotted funds awarded to the recipient, and will have a specific date where the funds will be added to the card.

Please remember that the DSS representative does not control the amount of funds awarded and they are following a scale given to them. There are many people right now seeking how to get TANF in Missouri, and the lines may be long in the DSS offices. Please keep in mind that the DSS representatives are working fast to process the great volume of TANF applications they receive, and are striving to help all applicants as quickly as possible. Patience is appreciated!

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