How to get Minnesota TANF.

How to get TANF in Minnesota 

As families continually suffer the impacts of this seemingly never ending economic downturn, there are many people who want to learn how to get TANF in Minnesota. The Minnesota "temporary assistance for needy families" program helps families and individuals who are greatly struggling financially by giving them a cash benefit on a monthly basis. This enables the recipients to be able to pay their bills and meet other financial obligations that they may have. Though the generalized attitude towards the recipients of the Minnesota TANF program is generally negative, often people are uninformed of the potential benefits it may serve their community such as keeping foreclosures low, watching neighbors lives diminish, and keeping repossessions of vehicles down.

There are strict rules that Minnesota requires of all recipients of the TANF benefits. These rules are (but not limited to) that all recipients must have an extremely low or no income scaled off the members of their home, be citizens of the United States, not be convicted of any felonies, and be able to prove their income and cash levels through bills, statements, and bank balances. There are also some rules that will determine the valuation of the vehicles to all applicants to determine that they are not living in luxury while on the benefits program.

Apply for TANF in Minnesota

The application process for TANF in Minnesota is somewhat complicated, but can be dramatically easier if the applicant prepares documentation ahead of time to assist them in the completion. These documents include social security information, bills for utilities, information on their mortgage or rent, bank statements, paystubs, and information about cash on hand. If the applicant gathers this information before they begin the application, it will allow them to focus and complete all the answers without having to scramble around their home looking for the information. Since the Minnesota TANF application is pretty detailed, it is suggested that all applicants be prepared before they begin the application form.

The application can be completed online or a simple paper application form may be used. A paper application can be retrieved from any Minnesota DHS office. The Minnesota DHS (Department of Human Services) can process online application faster because the information is already in their database. Whether the paper application or online application is used, be sure that all answers are completed truthfully and/or legibly. Since the benefits awarded are based upon an earnings and poverty scale, any attempt to falsify information to attain a higher benefit payout is considered fraud in Minnesota and is a crime. Bear in mind that if the applicant is filling out a paper application, that it will be reviewed by another person and they must be able to read the applicant's handwriting to avoid delays or denial of the Minnesota TANF program.

Interview for Minnesota TANF

Whenever the application is completed and submitted to the DHS, they will review all the information and match it to a scale to see if the applicant qualifies for TANF. If the applicant falls into the required levels on the scale, the DHS will schedule an interview time. The applicant will be required to attend this interview and bring any documentation or identification that the DHS agent will instruct them to bring. Often the questions in the interview are simply to review the information provided on the application, and rarely a bit more emphasis may be needed to expand some answers. If for any reason the applicant has a disability, physical impairment, or transportation issue and cannot make it to an interview in person, the Minnesota DHS will assign a time for a phone interview. It is crucial that the applicant answer their phone for this interview or else the benefits could be severely delayed or denied outright.

After approval of the Minnesota TANF application, the new recipient will receive an EBT card in the mail. This is a convenient debit styled card that functions in most ATM machines, less cash withdraws at stores, and some places allow people to pay bills with them. The EBT card has the specific amount of cash that is reloaded at a pre set time every month. Once the cash is exhausted, the recipient must wait until the specified time (or date) for the card to be reloaded with cash again.

Please keep in mind that during the tougher financial times right now there are many people learning how to get TANF in Minnesota. There may be lines at the DHS offices as many people are seeking the benefits. The DHS agents are working hard and efficiently to process all applications as quickly as possible. Patience is appreciated and is helpful to the application process.

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