How to get Michigan TANF.

How to get TANF in Michigan 

The people of Michigan have been ravaged by the overall poor economy leaving many families wanting to learn how to get TANF in Michigan. The "temporary assistance for needy families" or TANF in Michigan, is managed by the DHR (Department of Human Resources). The program is designed to assist families and individuals with cash benefits who are in dire financial need. This allows people to avoid financial default on their bills and other financial obligations. The cash assistance also provides a means for people to stay on their feet until their situation improves. The Michigan TANF benefit also allows families to ease through their monetary struggles in other situations such as grandparents suddenly raising their grandchildren or the sudden loss of a job.

The Michigan TANF program has very strict rules that the DHR adheres to without exception. Every applicant must be a citizen of the United States, have a Social Security Number, have very low financial resources, have low or no employment income, be free from felony convictions, and not exceeded the lifetime yearly maximum benefit allowance. There are no exceptions to these rules except in the case of the yearly maximum. If an individual or family is in the direct care of a minor child, an elderly person, or a disabled person, there are legal exemptions allowing for these people to receive Michigan TANF benefits until further notice.

Apply for TANF in Michigan

The application process is moderately complicated but with the correct preparations applying for TANF in Michigan can be simple. All applicants should be prepared prior to completing the TANF application with bills and personal documentation. These include mortgage payments, bank statements, birth certificates, social security information, and proof of income. The information provided on this documentation will greatly assist you on the completion of the TANF application.

There are two ways that a person can apply for Michigan TANF benefits. The first is a standard paper application form that can be obtained at any Michigan DHR office. The second way is to complete an application online where the processing time is often quicker. The quicker processing of the online application is due to the lack of need of a DHR agent having to manually enter the application information into their system. In either case all applicants must be truthful and accurate in their information they provide. Any attempt to falsify information to receive a greater benefit amount is considered a fraud and is a crime. All information on the paper application form should be completed neatly and accurately so that a DHR agent will be able to read and process the information easily.

Michigan TANF Interview and Application Approval

After the application is submitted, a DHR representative will review the information provided. They will check the income levels and resources of all the applicants in the household compared with a scale. If the amounts qualify within the minimum range for potential approval, the Michigan DHR agent will contact the applicant for an interview time for TANF benefits. At this interview the DHR representative will review the application information with the applicant and verify that all information is correct. Sometimes they will need a bit more emphasis on certain questions and copies of personal information. If any applicant is unable to attend the interview because of a physical disability or impairment of any kind, they can have an interview over the telephone. It is required that the applicant answer their telephone at the assigned time given to prevent rejection or delay in their application approval.

Once approved for TANF in Michigan, there are several payment options. Some people receive checks and others prefer the EBT card. The EBT card will work as any common debit card for cash withdraws and purchases. Some people use the EBT card to pay bills online and make other online purchases.

Please remember that all Michigan DHR agents are incredibly busy as the economy gets worse. There are many families learning how to get TANF in Michigan and the lines may be long at the offices. The DHR agents are working quickly to process all the information as quickly as possible. Patience is appreciated and helpful.

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