How to get Maryland TANF.

How to get TANF in Maryland 

With the boom and busts of the chaotic economy affecting people everywhere, many people want to learn how to get TANF in Maryland. Since TANF is direct cash awarded to individuals and families who have a dire financial need, many people are turning to the welfare benefit in order to help their financial lives. The temporary assistance for needy families is managed by the Maryland Department of Human Resources. The Maryland DHR agents assist application reviews, interviews, and verification checks on applicants.

Maryland TANF benefits have a rigorous and stern minimum requirements list of rules before they can approve any applicant. Every applicant must be a United States citizen, a resident of Maryland, free of felony convictions, have extremely low financial resources, and also have a very limited or no income. There is also a maximum lifetime yearly benefit that can not be exceeded. The yearly maximum limitation is to prevent people from abusing the Maryland TANF benefit system and encourages people to pursue other financial venues from welfare. However, there are exemptions to this lifetime rule for those in helpless financial situations. These include people who are in the direct care of a minor under the age of 18, a disabled person, or an elderly person.

Apply for TANF in Maryland

The Maryland TANF application process begins with the application form. The form can be completed online, or a paper application may be obtained by visiting a local DHR office. Most applicants find that the online process simplifies the application, and also will quicken the processing time as their data is already in the system. Every applicant prior to attempting to complete the Maryland TANF application should get personal information and documents prepared to assist them in the completion. These documents include social security information, birth certificates, bank statements, bills, and the knowledge of the valuation of vehicles the applicants own.

Please remember to complete all questions on the TANF application accurately. Avoid falsifying information to enhance benefit amounts as this is considered fraud and is a crime. If the applicant is filling out a standard paper Maryland TANF application, they need to make an emphasis to write legibly and neatly so that the DHR agent will be able to process the information without any delays. It is helpful to include a phone number on the paper application because the DHR representative may need to contact you.

Maryland TANF Interview

Upon submission of the Maryland TANF application, the DHR representative will ensure that all of the minimum requirements on the application fit the rules and regulations. If they do, you will be contacted for an interview time. At the interview, you will be asked mostly confirmation questions about the answers on your application along with any other information about your situation that they may need. If you are unable to make it to an interview physically due to some type of impairment, disability, or transportation issue, the DHR will schedule a telephone interview time for you. Please answer the phone when it rings, as failure to answer could cause severe delays or complete denial of the Maryland TANF benefits.

Once any applicant is approved for Maryland TANF, they will receive in the mail an EBT card. The EBT or "Electronic Benefits Transfer" card works functionally like an ordinary debit card. It can be used for less cash withdraws during purchases, withdraws at ATM machines, and even at some gas stations. This can help the recipient to pay bills and engage in other financial venues to ease their life during rough financial times.

Please remember that all Maryland DHR agents are busy trying to process many applications at this time. With the volume of people learning how to get TANF in Maryland, they are extremely busy but are happy to assist all applicants. Please be patient as the lines at DHR offices may be abnormally crowded.

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