How to get Maine TANF.

How to get TANF in Maine 

With the ever gyrating economic fluctuations wrecking havoc on many people's personal finances, it is leaving record numbers of individuals and families trying to learn how to get TANF in Maine. The temporary assistance for needy family's welfare assistance program in Maine is managed by the Maine DHHS or "department of health and human services". This program is designed to give cash assistance to individuals and families who are temporarily going through financial hardships in their lives. This allows families to pay bills to avoid financial "Armageddon" in their lives. The Maine TANF program will dilute the amount of suffering from individuals and families when they go through tough times.

The Maine TANF welfare system has strict mandated prerequisites for approval. All of the applicants must have a very low to non existent income level, are citizens of the United States, have a felony free record, and must not have exceeded the lifetime maximum allowable benefit time. There is a legal exclusion to the lifetime maximum benefit regulation. If the recipient of the Maine TANF welfare system is in the care of a minor child, a disabled person, or in the care of an elderly person, then the lifetime maximum benefit will not apply. There are a few more subtle regulations such as the recipient's vehicle can not exceed a certain value, nor can the amount of cash in a bank account be excessive.

Maine TANF Application Process

To begin the Maine TANF application, you will want to have documentation on hand which has personal information about each person in your home. These include birth certificates, social security numbers, bank account information, and all the income levels for every member of the household. This will enable you to complete the Maine TANF application easier so that you will be able to avoid guessing or confusion later. It is a good idea to keep these documents handy for the interview later as the DHHS representative may need to copy them.

Complete all the questions accurately on the application form. In Maine, an applicant can either fill out the application online or my complete a standard paper application form. Please remember that most online applications will be processed faster since the data will already be in the computer systems. If you have chosen to complete the paper Maine TANF application, please remember to write legibly so that the DHHS representative will be able to process the information faster. All questions must be answered truthfully and intentional deception to attain a higher cash benefit amount is considered a crime in the State of Maine.

Maine TANF Application Interview & Approval

After you have submitted the TANF application to the Maine DHHS, they will check to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements to receive the TANF benefits. If you do meet these minimum requirements they will mail you a form stating the interview place and time that you will have to attend. At this interview the DHHS agent will check the information provided on your application and may ask for more information or more emphasis on certain questions. They may need to make copies of your documentation proving the dire financial situation that you are in. If a disability, transportation, or physical impairment of any type exists where you would not be able to attend the DHHS Maine TANF interview, they will allow you to do an interview over the telephone. You will be assigned a mandated phone call time. If you fail to pick up your phone or miss the call, it could result in the rejection of your application or severely delay the processing time.

After the interview is complete and you are approved for Maine TANF benefits, you will receive in the mail an EBT card. The functionality of this card will be incredibly close to a standard debit card. You will be able to withdraw cash from ATM machines, make debit purchases, and in some cases even directly pay bills with your EBT card. After the card is exhausted of funds it will no longer function for withdraws until the card is refilled with cash benefits. The date of refill will be assigned, and the card on a monthly basis will be refilled with cash.

Please bear in mind that the Main TANF program is incredibly busy during this time and the lines may be long at the offices. All representatives are busy trying to get your application processed as quickly as possible. Patience is appreciated! Also keep in mind that the amount of TANF benefits assigned is not determined by the representative, but is pulled from a scale which the Maine DHHS follows. With the volume of people seeking how to get TANF in Maine, there is often a 30 day waiting period until the benefits are awarded.

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