How to get TANF in Louisiana

How to get TANF in Louisiana 

With ever growing fluctuations in the financial system of families, many people are looking for was to learn about how to get TANF in Louisiana. TANF is a cash benefit welfare program that is designed to help individuals or families to pay for their bills, mortgage, and other expenses for a temporary time during a financial hardship. TANF benefits in the State of Louisiana are regulated from the Louisiana Department of Children and Families.

Because of the nature of the TANF benefit program being a free cash incentive there are strict rules and regulations that the Louisiana DCF mandates. Some of the rules include that all applicants must be citizens of the United States, be in an extreme lower bracket of income, and have not exhausted the yearly lifetime benefit maximum. This maximum is in place to prevent people from living on the TANF benefit for their entire lives, and encourages recipients to have jobs. The people who are exempted from the lifetime yearly maximum would be those in care of a minor child, elderly, or anybody with a disability. This exemption from the Louisiana TANF yearly maximum rule is to allow people in the care of a helpless individual to keep receiving aid to do so.

Apply for TANF in Louisiana

The application process for TANF in the State of Louisiana is conveniently handled online or through a standard paper application that can be acquired through any DCF office. Most applicants report that completing the online application is simpler and processed in a much more efficient time manner. This is because the DCF will have the applicant's information already in computer text format and will not have to transfer the information to their computer database. Any paper application should be written in neat legible ink or pencil, so that the DCF agent will be able to easily read the information provided.

Before the application is begun, it helps if all applicants can have many personal documents and papers ready. Information such as social security numbers, birth certificates, bills, income level, and valuation of personal vehicles will all be needed. Also the personal information for every member in the home will be needed as well. Please keep these documents on hand as you will need them later in the review process. Also be sure that you have at least two of your last bank statements so that the Louisiana DCF will be able to see proof of your expenditures.

The applicant should answer all questions on the Louisiana TANF application to the best of their ability. Please remember that intentional deception in order to increase the TANF cash entitlement is considered a fraudulent crime and can be prosecuted. All of the applicant's questions should be accurate and legible to expedite the processing time.

Louisiana TANF Interview

After the application is completed and submitted, the Louisiana DCF agents will review the information given to determine if the applicant meets the minimum requirements to receive the TANF benefits. If the applicant does qualify, the agent will then setup an interview time. At this interview the applicant will be asked to bring in several forms that were used during the applicant process. This is to prove to the DCF that all of the information is correct and accurate. If there are any discrepancies the agent should be able to make necessary corrections to the form. During the interview, most of the questions that will be asked are just to verify the information given on the application form. If for any reason an applicant is not capable of making it to a DCF office for an interview due to a physical ailment or disability, they will be given an interview over a standard telephone. If this is the option, the interview will be scheduled at a specific time and date. Please answer your telephone for this interview as missed calls can end in a denial or delay of Louisiana TANF benefits.

When the interview is complete and the applicant's information approved, they will be mailed a Louisiana EBT card. This card easily functions just like a debit card and allows a person to make cash withdraws and purchases, ATM withdraws, debit purchases, and sometimes will allow them to pay bills.

Please remember that during the entire process of acquiring TANF in Louisiana, there may be long lines and wait times at the DCF office. These are rough times for many families and the system is seeing an unusual amount of people applying for TANF benefits. Please remember that your Louisiana DCF agent is working hard to process everybody's TANF application as quickly as possible.

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