How to get TANF in Kentucky.

How to get TANF in Kentucky 

With our ever staggering economy causing families to struggle financially more than ever before, many people are looking to get information on how to get TANF in Kentucky. The Kentucky "temporary assistance for needy families" welfare benefit is to help any struggling family or individual to pay their financial obligations even though they are undergoing harsh financial times. This enables people to have more financial security during their struggle to pay their mortgage, bills, and other expenses. Overall Kentucky TANF helps the Kentucky general economy because it prevents instances of foreclosure, repossessions, and families becoming homeless.

The Kentucky TANF welfare program strictly follows mandated rules for all recipients of the cash benefit. These requirements include but are not limited to being U.S. citizens, destitute financial resources, felony free, low value on automobiles, and provable low income. Also people with disabilities and the elderly are possibly eligible for the Kentucky TANF benefits. There is also a lifetime limitation which limits the amount of years that a recipient can be a part of this welfare program. Exceptions to the lifetime limitation would be families who have minors, the disabled, and elderly.

Steps to Apply for Kentucky TANF

All applicants for the Kentucky TANF program will be required to complete a paper application form or the online application. Generally, the online application is the choice of most people because it enables a faster processing time because the data is already submitted in computer format. Paper applications must all be completed legibly in order for a CHFS representative to process the information. All applicants will need to provide documentation and information such as social security, birth certificates, copies of bills, copies of pay stubs, and a copy of your bank statement.

All questions on the Kentucky TANF application must be answered truthfully. Falsification of any information in attempt to raise the amount of TANF benefits is fraudulent and is a prosecutable crime. All of the answers regarding the amount of people in the home, financial resources, and income levels must be accurate. Be sure to re-check all of the answers on the Kentucky TANF application.

TANF Interview

When the application form is complete, it will be submitted to the CHFS office. The agents will process the application and submit all the data into their computer. If the applicant's information falls into the specification to be allowed to receive TANF, the applicant will be assigned an interview time. At this interview, the CHFS agent will review the application again, and ask the applicant to bring in forms to prove their identity and income levels. They may need a bit more information on certain situations in the applicant's life. Once the interview is complete and the CHFS agent determines that the applicant is entitled to the Kentucky TANF welfare program, they will approve the applicant to receive the benefits.

Upon approval, the recipient will receive an EBT benefit card in the mail. This "electronics benefit transaction" card will work exactly like a debit card where it can be used to withdraw cash, make debit purchases, and pay bills. The EBT card will automatically be refilled with cash every month at a given date. Please remember that the Kentucky CHFS agent will have no power to give any more TANF cash benefits than the rules and regulations allow.

During this time there is a high volume of applicants learning how to get TANF in Kentucky. The CHFS offices are very busy at the moment so please expect long lines and wait times. It is encouraged that all applicants use the online application in order to prevent overflow at the CHFS office. Also it is requested of all Kentucky TANF applicants to please have patience and know that all agents are working hard to process all applications as quickly as possible.

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