How to get TANF in Kansas.

How to get TANF in Kansas 

With unemployment surging at record levels and the economy going through many boom and bust cycles the Kansas TANF program is helping many families through these difficult times. The "temporary assistance for needy families" welfare program provides cash benefits to families who find themselves in unfortunate financial circumstances. This benefit will allow these families to pay their bills and make purchases during their financial struggles. This generally helps the overall economy of Kansas since the TANF will help families avoid defaults, foreclosures, and repossessions. TANF will also help the people of Kansas for just enough time for them to get back on their feet financially.

With such a wonderful welfare benefit being available, it comes with strict rules that the Kansas DCF (Department of Children and Families) adheres to strictly. All recipients of TANF must be residents of Kansas, must be citizens of the United States, and must have a financial situation that is nearing a crisis level. All recipients must have an incredibly low or no income and virtually no cash reserves. Also anybody who wishes to receive TANF benefits should have a record that is clean from any felonies.

Steps to Apply for TANF in Kansas

At this initial pre-application stage, the applicant should be sure to have all necessary informational documents available to assist them in the completion of the Kansas TANF application. These documents include birth certificates, social security numbers, bank statements, bills, and your mortgage. The benefits will be calculated based on the amount of people in the applicant's home and also the financial resources at the applicant's disposal. This information is calculated off a scale, and the DCF agent does not have the authority to change the scale of the amount of cash awarded through the Kansas TANF welfare program.

By law, all applicants are required to be truthful and forthcoming on the Kansas TANF application. Since the recipient would be receiving money from the government, any falsification of information to increase benefit amounts would be considered fraud, which is a crime. If you are able to complete a paper application form, please write legibly and triple check your figures to ensure an expedited review process.

There is also the option to apply online for Kansas TANF benefits. On the application which will be using typed text, remember to check the spellings of names of those in your home. Often it is considered that the online application will have a quicker review process because the information is already in the computer systems. This allows the Kansas DCF to give a family a quicker review and interview time.

Kansas TANF Interview and Approval

Once the application form is submitted and reviewed, if the applicant's information meets the minimum requirements for TANF benefits they will be assigned an interview time. This interview is most often done in person, and it is usually suggested that the applicant bring their important documentation and bills with them. This is to prove to the DCF agent your information is true, but also to be available if there are any errors in the application itself. Sometimes the DCF agent will need a bit more information on the Kansas TANF application that they will need you to provide. If anybody is unable to make it to the interview due to physical disability or transportation issue, they will schedule an interview time for a phone interview. Please answer your phone during the hours which they inform you that they will call. Any missed call could result directly in a denial of the application, or a severe delay.

Once the Kansas TANF benefits are approved, the recipient will receive a Kansas EBT card. This "electronics benefits transaction" card will work in a similar fashion to a standard debit card. This allows the recipient to make withdraws at ATM machines, debit purchases, and to pay bills. It also can be used out of state wherever EBT purchases are accepted.

Please remember that there are many people seeking how to get Kansas TANF benefits during these times. The lines may be long at any DCF office. Please know that the DCF agents are working hard on many cases and they want to assist all the applications as quickly as possible.

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