How to get TANF in Indiana.

How to get TANF in Indiana 

During this seemingly endless economic tumult, the people pursuing to learn how to get TANF in Indiana is rapidly multiplying. The Indiana Division of Family Resources aka DHR, handles all TANF applications and is in charge of the distribution of the benefits. The Indiana TANF program (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) is a welfare benefit which gives cash money to families and individuals who are in dire need of financial help. This cash incentive gives people the ability to pay their financial commitments and avoid financial ruin.

There are firm financial attributes that the DHR requires all recipients of Indiana TANF benefits to have. Recipients must all be United States Citizens, have minimal financial resources, prove their financial status, have not exceeded the lifetime maximum allowance, and have not been convicted of any serious crimes. The lifetime maximum allowance law is active for individuals who live alone or with a spouse. Families in care of minor children, those taking care of a disabled person, and people with disabilities are legally exempt from any lifetime maximum allowance laws.

How to Apply for Indiana TANF

Anybody can apply for Indiana TANF benefits at any DHR office or they may complete an online application. Before any applicant begins their application it is helpful to have information about all the people in your home along with your bills and income levels. This information includes birth certificates, social security information, and citizenship status. If you are filling out a paper application at a DHR office, be sure that all of your writing is clear and legible.

Please answer all questions correctly and do not falsify any information on the application. Intentionally falsifying information in order to acquire more cash benefits is considered fraud and is a prosecutable crime. This is to protect the taxpayers of Indiana, along with prevent over or underpayment of TANF benefits to the people that need them. All applicants need to be especially precise in the answers about the people in your home, bill amounts, and income amounts.

Indiana TANF Application Review and Interview

Once the submission of the application is complete, the DHR will assign a representative to review it. If the applicant's information works within the bounds of the requirements to be approved for Indiana TANF, then the representative will schedule an interview time with the applicant. During this interview the applicant will have to verify the information given on the applicant, and may have to expand some of their answers for more information. If any applicant is disabled or not able to physically make it to the interview, they will be able to complete an interview over the telephone. A specific time will be assigned for the telephone interview, and the applicant must be present and answer the call or else their application can be denied or delayed.

After all the information has been collected and reviewed and the DHR representative finds the information to be within the legal limits, the applicant will be approved for TANF in Indiana. They will receive an EBT or "Electronic Benefits Transaction" card in the mail. The function of this card will be similar to that of a standard bank debit card. The TANF recipient will be able to make cash withdraws from any ATM or make debit purchases for any item in a store where EBT is accepted. The EBT card should be reloaded with the cash benefit every month on an assigned date.

Every few months a TANF recipient may need to complete a short form and send it to their DHR representative. Basically this form is to verify that their financial situation is still the same and that they still have the same amount of people and bill amounts for their home. This allows the DHR to continue to give the recipient the cash benefits on a monthly basis because they still fall within the legal limits.

Please remember that during financial turbulence there will be many people seeking how to get TANF in Indiana and the system may be bogged down. Patience is the key as all applicants should understand that DHR representatives are working diligently and expediently to process all applications and to help people get their benefits. Often the online applications are expedited slightly faster than any paper form as the information will already be in the system.

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