How to apply for TANF in Illinois.

How to get TANF in Illinois 

To become more educated on how to get TANF in Illinois, and to learn how to apply for the TANF benefits, this guide will help you. As our economy continually weakens, many people are seeking the financial refuge that TANF welfare benefits provide. These benefits allow for people to evade financial devastation, and for a temporary time (temporary assistance for needy families) be able to meet their financial obligations. Since this is a cash assistance program, these financial obligations can be electric bills, mortgage payments, car payments, water bills, credit card bills, or may be used for any purchase up to the limit of the monthly benefit amount.

Many people in the State of Illinois object to the usage of TANF with the lack of understanding that it often provides a great benefit to their local economy. Since foreclosures, repossessions, and ruin credit scores and wreck havoc in a local area, TANF often helps the friends and neighbors to the objectors to stay afloat. Albeit, this is for a temporary time, and the Illinois DHS heavily regulates the rock solid rules for qualifications of the recipients.

These rules include that all applicants must have a heavily impoverished income or no income, must be United States citizens, must not have ever been convicted of a felony, and have not expired their lifetime yearly maximum of TANF benefits. The yearly limitations are geared towards individuals who are not in care of a minor, disabled person, or the elderly. Anybody who is in the direct care of any minor child, a fully disabled person, or the elderly is exempted from the yearly maximum law.

How to Apply for TANF in Illinois

Every applicant for TANF benefits is required to either fill out a paper application form, or they may apply for the benefits online. The online process is usually the choice for those who would like a rapid review and approval. Before an applicant begins the application, it is helpful to have documents and paperwork that will help you through the questions. Theses documents and paperwork are birth certificates for every member in the home, social security information, bank account balances, amount of cash on hand, estimated bills, and the valuation of the applicant's current vehicles. If the applicant does not have a mortgage (or rent), they will need to provide information such as the taxes and insurance that they pay on their home.

Please answer all questions honestly and/or legibly. Purposely falsifying information on the TANF application in order to get a greater benefit amount is considered fraud and is a crime. All information pertaining to the amount of people in the applicant's home along with the income levels are crucial for the DHS agent to determine the actual Illinois TANF benefits that the applicant is entitled to. These amounts are granted based on scale and it is not up to the determination of the DHS representative.

Submitting the Illinois TANF Application

Upon online submission or paper submission, the application will go under a review process. During this process the applicant will be given an interview time in which they will have to be physically present at the DHS office to answer questions. If a person is disabled or physically unable to make it, they will be assigned a time for an interview over the telephone. Please answer the telephone call in order to prevent application denial or delay.

During the interview most of the information on the application will need to be re-confirmed, and sometimes a bit more emphasis or details will need to be answered. Often the DHS representative will need to make copies of birth certificates and identification cards. They may also need copies of bills and bank statements to process the benefits accurately. If the applicant does not have the information needed, they will sometimes need to mail copies of the needed information after the interview.

When the applicant is granted approval for TANF in Illinois, they will be issued an electronic benefits card (EBT). This card will be automatically filled with cash benefits every month on an assigned date. The user will be able to do everything with this card as they would be able to with a debit card. They will be able to make cash withdraws from ATMs, pay bills online, purchases at stores, and gasoline purchases. Once the benefits are exhausted, the recipient will have to wait until the next monthly date for the account to be refilled.

With such a difficult economy and the amount of people searching how to get TANF in Illinois, please remember that the DHS offices may be incredibly busy and the lines could be extremely long. Remember that the DHS agents are working hard to help you with your TANF benefits, so please be patient during crowded times.

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