How to get TAFI in Idaho.

How to get TAFI in Idaho 

With the economic volatility in the United States causing so many families to undergo financial issues, many individuals and families are requesting information on how to get TAFI in Idaho. TAFI or "temporary assistance for needy families in Idaho" is a direct cash benefit given to families in need of governmental financial help. This allows families and individuals who are going through tumultuous financial situations to meet their financial obligations. These obligations would include the payment of their mortgage, utility bills, and vehicle payments.

The Idaho TAFI program has strict rules and regulations for any applicants must meet in order to be approved for the welfare benefits. Any person who is applying for TAFI will need to be an American Citizen, have an extremely low or no income, have a low amount of cash on hand, and have never been convicted of a felony. There is also a limitation on the amount of time (measured in years) that an individual can receive the Idaho TAFI. Families who are in the direct care of a minor under the age of 18 will be exempted from this limitation.

In Idaho there is also a program for the aged, blind, and disabled which runs along side the TAFI program. This program is not regulated under the same rules as TAFI, but the recipients must be elderly, blind or disabled. This program is still a welfare program designed to give cash assistance, but it is called AABD.

Steps to Apply for TAFI in Idaho

To begin the Idaho TAFI application process, an applicant will either need to obtain a paper application form or decide to complete the application online. Most people choose to complete the Idaho TAFI application online because it reduces the overall processing time, and they don't worry about issues such as handwriting causing delays. The online application will be submitted to representatives to Idaho's Department of Health and Human Welfare.

Make sure to have any documentation or information available about all the members of your home including social security numbers, current bills, valuation of vehicles, mortgage information, amounts of cash on hand, and the citizen status of every member of your home. This information will be asked and verified by Department of Health and Human Welfare representative. All information should be completed accurately and truthfully. Any intentional deception given in attempt to get a greater benefit is considered fraud, and is a crime. So please take your time to accurately fill in all the information and it will greatly increase your processing time.

On the Idaho TAFI application, pay particular attention to the income levels and amount of people in your home. The Idaho Department of Health and Human Welfare will use this information and compares it to a payment scale. This will directly compute to the amount of cash benefits that a person or family can receive. There is currently a limitation of $309 dollars a month for the Idaho TAFI program.

Interview and Approval for Idaho TAFI

After you submit the Idaho TAFI application, it will go under review quickly and you will be given an interview time. If you are unable to make it to an Idaho TAFI field office for an interview, you will be assigned a time where you will do the interview over the telephone. Please be available to answer your telephone for the interview so that your application will not be denied or delayed. Generally the interview process will cover the exact topics that were on the application form, but sometimes they may ask for a little more details on a specific subject. Sometimes unclear information will be clarified and well heavily benefit the recipient.

Upon approval of the application, a person will receive an Idaho Quest card in the mail. This card will work and function almost exactly like a common debit card for purchases and cash withdraws. The Idaho TAFI program will refill this card on a monthly basis and the applicant will be assigned the day on which the benefits are filled. The balance on the Quest card can be easily checked by calling 208-334-5500.

Please remember that during the economic downturn in this country, there are an abundant amount of people seeking how to get TAFI in Idaho. The Department of Human Health and Welfare is extremely busy and will get to your application as soon as possible. Please be patient as the waiting and processing time may be a bit longer than usual.


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