How to get TANF in Hawaii.

How to Get Welfare TANF in Hawaii 

With extremely turbulent global economic issues creating financial difficulty in the world, many people are wondering how to get TANF in Hawaii. TANF was designed to get temporary cash assistance to families and individuals who are experiencing harsh financial difficulties. This prevents these individuals from being financially destroyed and will enable them to meet their financial obligations such as their mortgage, electric bills, and other bills until they can get on their feet again.

The Hawaii TANF welfare program has strict requirements that must be fulfilled in order for a family or individual to receive it. All individuals who receive the benefits must be United States citizens. Households must have an extremely low income and any recipients must not have been convicted of any felonies. There is also a lifetime maximum benefit that is calculated by years, that an individual is entitled to receive. This prevents people from riding the system out for life. Also, any family that has minors under the age of 18 is exempted from the lifetime maximum rule. Those in care of a disabled or elderly person also have a legal exemption from the lifetime rule as well.

Steps to Apply for Hawaii TANF

The application process for the Hawaii TANF welfare benefits is simple however the applicant will need a lot of information on their home & family. This information includes but is not limited to their mortgage payment, cash in the bank, amount of cash on hand, birth certificates, social security numbers, and the value of their vehicles. This information is used in a formula to calculate the amount of Hawaii TANF benefits that the applicant is entitled to.

You can apply for Hawaii TANF benefits either online or you may obtain a paper application from any Hawaii Real Choices office. Click here to download and print the paper application. Be sure to complete all the application information as accurately and/or legibly as possible. Be sure to align your text correctly, as any paper application will be reviewed by a person who must be able to read your hand writing. All electronic applications submitted through the internet will be automatically reviewed then sent to a Real Choices agent.

Please answer all questions as honestly as you possibly can. Remember that falsifying any information on your Hawaii TANF application in order to defraud the system is a crime. Listing names of people who do not live with you or falsifying your income is considered a crime and is often prosecuted. This is to ensure that the taxpayers of Hawaii who fund TANF are protected, and that the recipients get their due amount of the benefit.

Hawaii TANF Application Review and Approval

After submission of the application a Hawaii Real Choices representative will ensure that the credentials of the applicant meet the requirements to receive TANF. Those who qualify will be assigned an interview time so the applicant can come in and discuss their financial situation. Often the questions asked are generally to confirm the information on the application, and sometimes they may need a bit more information on certain details. If an individual is unable to physically make it to an interview, they will be assigned a time for a phone interview. All applicants who opt to take a phone interview must be available to answer their phone at the interview time or their application could either be outright denied, or it will delay the entire process.

Once the interview is complete and the applicant is approved to receive Hawaii TANF benefits, they will be issued a debit card that is also known as an EBT card. This card will function on any ATM machine to make cash withdraws and also will be able to make debit purchases from any store. This convenient way of receiving payments has helped the recipients of the Hawaii TANF benefits get their money quickly. The Hawaii TANF cash benefits are refilled on a monthly basis until the approved applicant informs the Hawaii Real Choice representatives that they no longer qualify or have a better financial situation.

From time to time the recipient may be contacted to reconfirm their financial hardship as well as the amount of people in their homes. Usually this question session will be incredibly fast, or a simple paper questionnaire. Please answer these questions promptly as determination to continue the Hawaii TANF benefits will be based on this. If you have had any changes in your finances or amount of people in your home, be sure to inform them of the changes so that the amount of benefits can be adjusted. If you need any more information on how to get TANF in Hawaii, please contact any Hawaii Real Choice office at 808-643-1643.

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