How to get TANF in Georgia.

How to Get Welfare TANF in Georgia 

With the whirlwind of economic and financial calamity facing our great nation today, many individuals and families are seeking out information on how to get TANF in Georgia. The "temporary assistance for needy families" welfare system is a safety net to prevent extreme poverty and financial devastation for people with very low incomes or disabilities. The TANF system helps people by giving them free cash benefits on a monthly basis so that they may be able to pay bills, keep their mortgage or rent current and general help making it through difficult financial times. TANF is paid for by the Federal Government, but handled at the state level by the Georgia Department of Human Services or DHS.

There are rigid requirements for a person or family to be approved for TANF benefits in Georgia. These requirements include (but are not limited to) the applicants must be United States citizens, they must have an extremely low income based on the ratio of people in their home, and they can not have exhausted the lifetime yearly TANF time limit. The time limit is only applicable to people who do not have any minors or disabled people in their care. All individuals or families are exempted from the Georgia lifetime TANF cutoff if they are in direct care of any minor under the age of 18, in the direct care of an elderly person, or in the direct care of a disabled person.

How to apply for TANF in Georgia

Any person wanting to receive the Georgia TANF benefits will need to complete the application process, and also be approved. To begin the application process, an applicant will need either a paper application form which can be acquired from any Georgia DHS office, or they may complete the Georgia TANF application online. Most people opt to complete the application online because of the simplicity and the more expedited review and processing time. The applicant will need in depth information and documentation for all applicants in their residence. This information and documents include birth certificates, social security numbers, bank account statements, information on how much cash on hand, and verification of American citizenship. There are also areas where the applicant will need to complete information about their vehicles, as individuals with luxury vehicles are unable to get approval.

Applicants are required to answer all questions truthfully. Answering questions with intentional deception in order to get a higher Georgia TANF benefit cash award, is considered fraud and is often prosecuted. Please complete all information thoroughly, and to the best of your ability. Triple check all information regarding the members of your home and the income levels as this will be reviewed and the benefit amount will be based on this information. When the applicant has completed the application, they will either submit the application online, or they may bring the application to any Georgia DHS office. You can find the location of any Georgia DHS office by calling 1-800-869-1150. You may also get ahold of the Georgia DHS by visiting

Georgia TANF Review, Denial, and Approval

After submission, the application will undergo a review process. The information provided will go under review, and often the applicant will be asked to provide documentation proving the information provided. Sometimes this documentation is simple copies of birth certificates and/or bank statements. If the applicant's information does not qualify for Georgia TANF, then they will be mailed a letter of denial. If the application information falls within the bounds to receive benefits, the Georgia TANF application will then be approved and moved to a secondary agent for further review.

They will then call the applicant to setup and interview time. If the applicant is unable to make it to the interview due to a disability, they will schedule an interview time over the telephone. Please be present and answer this telephone call, as it can severely delay the processing time. During this phone call they usually just want to reconfirm information that was already provided and may want a few more emphasized details about your financial situation.

If the individual or family is approved to receive Georgia TANF benefits, they will be issued a debit like EBT card where they can make cash withdraws from ATM machines and purchases at stores. Please remember that there are many people needing information on how to get TANF in Georgia and the lines may be long and the system overloaded. Please have patience with all Georgia DHS representatives.

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