How to get TANF in Florida.

How to get TANF in Florida 

Living through diabolical economic times is forcing many families to seek how to get TANF in Florida. The Florida TANF welfare system (aka temporary assistance for needy families) is often a final financial safety net for individuals and families who have falling into extremely tough financial times. The benefit itself gives cash assistance temporarily so that families will still meet all of their financial obligations such as their mortgage, electric bill, and automotive payments. The TANF benefit has helped many financially responsible families avoid a financial catastrophe by aiding them through these times, and helps communities throughout the State of Florida keep foreclosures and repossessions down.

There are austere rules limiting the Florida TANF benefit such as a lifetime yearly limitation, mandated provable citizenship, and a provable means to verify that the recipient has an extremely low income. These rules are regulated very strictly by the state. There are a few legal exemptions to the rules, for instance, pregnant women, those caring for a disabled person, and those caring for children whom are minors are exempted by the lifetime yearly limitations. There are other exemptions to the TANF rules that center on specific disabilities which any individual can inquire about. The following steps will guide you through the application to approval for Florida TANF.

How to apply for TANF in Florida

The Florida TANF application process can be accomplished through two simple methods. The first method requires and old fashioned paper application form which can be acquired from any Florida DCF office. The second method is completing an online application. Most people testify that the online method will expedite the processing time to get your TANF benefits faster. Both applications will be similar in the information that they require such as your citizenship, income levels, bank account balances, and to know whether or not you have been convicted of a felony.

Please answer all questions accurately and truthfully on the Florida TANF application. Please bear in mind that the TANF benefits that will be awarded to you are based off of a scale, and the scale measures the amount of people in your home along with your income level. Intentionally falsifying information on the application is considered a crime in the state of Florida. Also, accuracy will expedite the approval process, and enable the Florida DCF officer to approve your benefits faster. Please triple check all answers regarding your low income level, money in the bank, and assets that you own.

Florida TANF Application Submission, interview, and Approval

When the application is completed, you can either submit the application online, or bring the application to a local Florida DCF office. A DCF office is probably located near you. You can find out by calling 850-487-1111. Any Florida DCF representative should be able to assist you in finding a field office.

Once the DCF accepts your Florida TANF application, it will be briefly reviewed and a representative will set up an interview time for you. If you can not physically come in for an interview, they will assign you a specific time in which they will contact you by telephone. During the interview process, you will be asked to confirm the information that you have given on the application, and told which types of documentation that you will need to get approval (such as birth certificates of children). Upon submitting these documents, and if all of the other information submitted has been reviewed and accepted, you will be approved for the Florida TANF benefits.

After you are approved, they will issue you a Florida benefits EBT card. This card will function almost exactly like a debit card, where you can make withdraws from any common ATM machine, or even make purchases at stores with a PIN number. It often has a magnetic strip on the back which will enable the TANF recipient to slide the card through at checkout. This keeps the process simple and is less embarrassing to the recipient. If you have any concerns or need help using the electronic EBT card, please contact any Florida DCF office.

Please keep in mind that in this economic crisis, there are record numbers of people searching for how to get TANF in Florida, as well as applying for the Florida TANF benefits. This will obviously overwhelm the approval processing time and may cause some delays. Please remember that the DCF agents are working as quickly as possible to approve your TANF application. Please remember that patience helps during the process.

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