How to get TANF in Delware.

How to get TANF in Delaware 

With looming economic uncertainty continually plaguing the financial security of families, there is a tremendous increase in people looking for the steps on how to get TANF in Delaware. The TANF benefit welfare system which stands for "temporary assistance for needy families" helps people who have found themselves in financial calamity. With cash payments given through the benefit program, these individuals will be able to pay their financial obligations until they can achieve another financial means of supporting themselves. This helps to relieve families who have found themselves in dire financial need to keep their economic life in order.

Delaware Lifetime TANF Limitation

The TANF system is only designed to assist Delaware citizens for only a temporary time and is often regulated by a lifetime yearly benefit. If there is an individual who is not in direct care of a disabled person, an elderly person, or a minor, then the amount of years that the benefit will be awarded are limited. If an individual is in the care of these types, then there is a law exempting the annual lifetime limitation. This ensures that those who are "helpless", will be able to be provided with care.

Applying for Delaware TANF

There are some simple steps needed to complete the application process in Delaware. The Delaware TANF application system is designed to be speedy and efficient. An application can be acquired by hand, or anybody may fill out an online application. The general consensus is that applications that are completed online will often be processed quicker, and the benefits awarded faster. If you choose do apply for TANF through a standard paper application, you will be able to receive one at any Delaware DHSS office. Whichever way you decide to complete the application, please have documentation ready including birth records of every member in your home, information on sources of income, and social security numbers.

When you are in the process of completing the Delaware TANF application, be extraneously particular about the accuracy of the information that you are providing. Intentionally being deceptive is considered a crime because the amounts of benefits awarded are based on income levels and the amount of people in your home. Triple check all of the financial figures that you are submitting, and also your spelling. If you are filling out a paper application, make sure that you print, and that your had writing is legible. If you have any difficulty understanding the questions on the application, a DHSS representative will be happy to assist you at the following phone number. 302-255-9500

Once all of your information is correct, please submit the application online, or simply bring the application to a nearby DHSS office.

Delaware TANF Application Review and Approval

Your application will be reviewed and the information verified during an approximate 2 week period. The Delaware DHSS agents will verify the citizenship of every person in your home that is applying for the TANF benefits. Once the application is approved, it is sent to another representative for processing the benefits and the issuance of a benefit card. Allow 4 to 5 days to receive the card in the mail.

You will receive and EBT benefit card through your mail. This card works exactly like a standard debit card for purchases and will also work with common ATM machines for cash withdraws. It will be validated through a PIN upon every transaction made. Once your monthly cash benefits are exhausted the card will no longer function until the benefits are replenished on a specified date the following month. The refilling of the cash benefits given through the Delaware TANF program will happen automatically.

On occasion, the beneficiary will be required to verify their low income financial status by submitting bank account statements and providing copies of bills. This is to ensure that the Delaware TANF system does not overpay the benefits to families who no longer qualify. The recipients may also need to answer short questionnaires to verify the amount of people within a family, or any changes in family status in order to keep receiving their TANF benefits. Please remember with so many families facing challenging economic times and seeking how to get TANF in Delaware, the Delaware DHSS offices may be crowded and overloaded. Please have patience and the representatives will assist you.

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