How to apply for TANF benefits in Colorado.

How to get TANF in Colorado 


With the current economic crisis unfolding before our eyes, unemployment soaring, and inflation blasting off the charts, it is not surprising that many people are seeking how to get TANF in Colorado. TANF stands for "temporary assistance for needy families", and is a government welfare program incepted to boost the financial stability of families and individuals who are going through rough financial times. There are mandated rules in which the Colorado DHS follows to grant approval to people who wish to receive this cash benefit. The main requirements are that the individual or family must have extremely low income, or have recently lost a job. Grandparents who have to suddenly take on raising their grandchildren are also eligible for the Colorado TANF benefit program. There is also a distinct requirement that the beneficiaries are citizens of the United States.

Colorado TANF Application Process

When you believe that you are eligible to receive TANF in Colorado, you will need to fill out an application form. The application can either be completed online or you may go by any Colorado DHS office and pick up one. The application will need pertinent information about you, such as your citizenship, social security number, amount of people in your dwelling, income level, how much your bills are, and a bank account balance. It is crucial to be incredibly accurate in the information that you give, because any form of deception can be considered a crime. The information that you give will be referenced to a chart in which will be formulated ultimately into the amount of TANF cash assistance you will receive.

Colorado TANF Approval & Denial

When you have completed and submitted your application form, there will be a review process that usually takes a couple of weeks (unless there is a clause to expedite due to an emergency). The application will eventually work its way through a final DHS review, and you will either be approved or denied. If denied, you can always submit another application for Colorado TANF benefits.

If you are approved, you will be notified on the amount of TANF cash assistance that you have been awarded, and will also be issued a form where you can fill in direct deposit information, or you will be given a debit EBT card. If you are issued the card, you will be able to make cash withdraws at any ATM machine or less cash when making standard debit purchases. For stores which do not accept benefit cards, you may not be able to make a cash withdraw during regular a regular check out. Most commonly, individuals who receive the Colorado TANF benefits will simply use a common ATM.

Regulations and Limits

The TANF benefits are subject to limits and regulations. Often there is a maximum lifetime amount, measured in years, which an individual is able to qualify. Families, most notably those who have children under the age of 18, are often exempted from the lifetime amount and are capable of receiving the cash assistance until their child is an adult. This rule applies to any grandparents or guardian that is in the direct care of any minor. Also, individuals who are fully taking care of an elderly or disabled person may be exempted from the lifetime limits. Pregnant women are considered to be with child, and eligible for the exemption from the lifetime maximum rule.

During the benefit period, you may be asked to send information into a DHS office to confirm that your income levels are still low. Also they may send you a couple of questionnaires semi annually to ensure that you still have the same amount of people in your home. They do this in the even that they may need to raise or lower your benefit amount. Be sure to answer all questions accurately, legibly, and truthfully.

If you need any more information on how to get TANF benefits in Colorado, be sure that you contact a "Colorado Works" office near you. They will be able to assist you with any other questions or help you with any other information that you need. Remember to be courteous and patient, as the current economy is heavily bogging down the Colorado TANF system.

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