How to get TANF in California.

How to get TANF in California 

California's citizens are facing the worst financial crisis in their lifetimes and many are making the inquiry on how to get TANF in California. TANF or "Temporary Assistance for Needy Families" is a governmental welfare program that bestows cash assistance to individuals and families who have provable low income and it will also assist somebody who has been deemed legally disabled. This financial help gives a crutch to those who are financially destitute to make it possible for them to pay their bills and meet other financial obligations for a temporary time. Families with children under the age of 19 are usually allowed to receive the TANF benefit in California until the youngest child in their family reaches the age of 19. Grandparents and other caretakers of children can also receive this assistance until the child whom they are a guardian of, turns 19.

How to Apply for TANF in California

The application process for the "CalWORKs" TANF program is relatively simple. Of course the applicant will need to obtain a TANF application form or complete the application online. The entire process is easier of the applicant has the information ready for every member of the household such as wages earned, bank account balances, full names, social security numbers, and birth certificates. This information will need to be completed on the application form with precision, as it will help accelerate the processing of your application.

If you are not able to complete the application online, then you will need to find a welfare assistance office near you.

Please call 888-999-4772 in order to find a location.

Please remember to be incredibly accurate when you list the wages and income that you have. The California TANF representatives use a chart to compute the amount of money that the TANF program will provide for you based on your income and wages, and the members of your household. Using any form of deception to attempt to raise your benefit amounts is considered fraud, and people have been prosecuted for it.

Always remember to triple check the California TANF application to ensure total accuracy. Once completed, be sure to organize all of your documents into a place where you can access them. Be sure that this is a secure spot in your home, because there is often a lot of private information on these documents. You will need to provide these documents during your interview.

California TANF Interview

Once you submit the application, you will be assigned within a couple of days and interview time. The interview process is much simpler than many people think. The representative will review your application form, and mostly re-confirm the accuracy and want to review the documentation of your income, social security information, and proof of citizenship.

If you are disabled or unable to attend an interview in person, they will assign you a time when they will contact you by telephone. Please honor this time, and be ready with all of your documentation when they call. If you miss this call, you will most likely be denied the benefits and will have to re-apply and start the entire process over. After a phone interview, the representative will most likely want you to mail copies of birth certificates along with other financial information for everybody in your home.

The TANF Application Review Process and Approval

Your California TANF application form will then be under a review process that can usually take up to a couple of weeks. During this process some of your information will be verified. After the verification process, it will be determined whether you will be granted the benefits, or denied the benefits. Upon your approval for the California TANF benefit program, you will be immediately mailed an EBT debit card. This card will work in any standard ATM machine for cash withdraws, as well as being functional for any standard EBT purchases at stores.

If you have any questions or concerns for the application process or any further inquiry on how to get TANF benefits in California, you can reach them here. Remember that in these economically difficult times, there may be some wait times and lines. Please be patient as the California TANF representatives are overloaded, but are there to help assist you.

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