How to get TANF in Arkansas.

How to get TANF in Arkansas 

The State of Arkansas offers a welfare benefit called TANF to both families and individuals who have an extremely low income, or have recently faced a financial crisis and have low financial resources. TANF, also known as "temporary assistance for needy families" has helped countless families through financial hardships in their lives. In Arkansas, they have strict requirements on who is eligible to receive the cash assistance. These requirements often include being an American citizen, having low income resources, becoming disabled, suddenly losing a job, or simply needing the cash assistance for a temporary time. In most cases the rules of TANF state that a person can only receive the benefit for a certain amount of years of their life. However, if a family has children under the age of 18, usually the benefits are given until the children become adults.

If you have found yourself in circumstances where you would like to apply for TANF in the State of Arkansas, we have created an easy to follow guide to assist you. Often the application process can take a while unless there is an emergency within a family or dire need for an individual to receive the benefits. By following these steps you should be able to expedite the application process. This can lead to faster benefit approval.

Applying for TANF in Arkansas

Obviously, when you are going to apply for TANF benefits, you will have to complete an application form. To acquire this form, you will either have to make a trip to an Arkansas DWS office, or you will need to download and print an application for your computer. (Arkansas is currently implementing an online application process that should quicken the process in the future.) If you are able to stop by an Arkansas DWS office to fill out the application, it will help speed up the processing time. You can find a nearby DWS office by visiting:

If you are physically unable to make it to a DWS office, please phone a local office provided at the link above, and request that they mail you an application form.

Completing the Arkansas TANF application

You must complete the application form with perfect accuracy and exact details. This is important especially when citing the members of your home, along with your financial resources. It can be a crime to intentionally deceive this system in order to receive a higher benefit level. The application will need information from you such as your bank accounts, monetary funds available, and the names of all the members of your home. It may go into details about your current or former place of employment, and the types and values of the vehicles that you drive. The Arkansas DWS will use all of these figures to determine the dollar amount which they award to fulfill the TANF benefit.

TANF interview with Arkansas DWS

You will either be given a personal interview time at a DWS office or you will be assigned a time where a DWS representative will give you a phone interview. Please make assurance that you will not miss any interview because this can cause an instant denial to the benefits. During the interview, you will most likely cover the exact same information that was on the application, and the representative may ask you a few more detailed questions about your answers. Answer all the questions to the best of your ability.

TANF Approval

When you are finally approved for the Arkansas TANF benefits, you will be given the option to have an automatic deposit or you may accept an electronic benefits card that will function like an ATM or debit card. The card will be capable of making cash withdraws from any ATM machine. Please bear in mind that the benefit amount is determined by a scale based on your resources, and the DWS agent does not determine the amount of the Arkansas TANF benefits that you will receive.

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