How to get TANF in Arizona.

How to get TANF in Arizona 

The Arizona TANF program (which is also known as temporary assistance for needy families) is a welfare program which was incepted to assist families with extremely low income levels with free cash assistance. This helps to curb the poverty epidemic in the State of Arizona and ensures the people and families who have fallen into unfortunate times that there is something to fall back on. Often people use the Arizona TANF benefits to help them pay for bills such as their mortgage, insurance, and electric bill. Often the TANF payments are considered low, so it creates a paradigm in the recipient to seek to better themselves by finding employment or other means of income. This welfare program however, is excellent to temporarily assist people who need cash assistance in their lives.

In the steps below, you will learn how to get TANF benefits in the State of Arizona, along with other information that you will need during the application process. These steps are fairly inclusive, but of course only you can provide your personal data to the Arizona DHS office. Remember that to receive these benefits, you will have to be a United States citizen, reside in Arizona, and be able to prove your identity. Non U.S. citizens will not be able to receive this benefit unless they are in direct care of a minor or child who is a citizen.

1. You will need to receive and complete an Arizona TANF application form. You should be able to either download then print an application that you can fill out by hand or you can complete the Arizona TANF application online. You may also call a DHS office and request that an application be mailed to you free of charge. Often families find that completing the application online will quicken the approval process as it seems to be more automated and you will not have to wait for the slow mail system. If filling out the Arizona TANF application online is not applicable to you, then most people testify that the easiest way to get a welfare application is to simply have it mailed to you. You can have an Arizona TANF application immediately mailed to you by calling:


2. With upmost accuracy and paying attention to all the details, complete the Arizona TANF application. You will need to be specific about every member of your family in your home and be able to provide their date of birth, social security numbers, and the amount of money you have in income along with your cash in the bank. Lying or falsifying any information on this form is illegal and considered fraud. The accuracy is crucial so that the Arizona DHS services can calculate the amount of TANF cash assistance that a person can receive. This amount will be determined based on the financial resources that a family has, the amount of people in a home, and how many children are under the age of 18. The amount is determined by a table and is not adjusted by any individual Arizona DHS worker.

3. Return the application to a local DHS office. If you have completed the application online then all you will need to do is submit the application. Allow for several days for the DHS to contact you in regards to the application.

Arizona TANF Benefits

4. At this stage your Arizona TANF application will go into a review process that potentially could take several weeks. They may need you to submit them information such as bank statements and a utility bill. They will let you know of any potentially additional information that they will need to process the application. Upon approval you will have the options of either getting your TANF benefits direct deposited into a bank account, or you may be issued an EBT card which you can make cash withdraws from an ATM machine. If you need any more information on how to get TANF in Arizona, please contact a DHS office near you.

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