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How to apply for ATAP in Alaska 

Welfare also known as TANF or ATAP in Alaska is a government benefit program that provides cash assistance to the citizens of Alaska, who have low income or are needy. Individual Alaskans, who do not have children, can receive this assistance for a temporary time. Most families who have children will be able to get this cash assistance benefit until their children live to the age of 18. The ATAP welfare assistance will provide individuals with actual money to assist them in any payments or direct cash that they may need. The TANF/ATAP program receives its funding from the federal government, but is directly handled through Alaska State agencies. In order for any person to get welfare TANF / ATAP benefits in Alaska, use the following steps to assist you.

1. The first think any individual seeking these benefits will have to achieve is the acquisition of an Alaska welfare TANF / ATAP application form from any state DHS office. Most often, you can simply download application online, file it online, or you may have it mailed to you as well. Most people choose the easiest line free route and will either accomplish this goal online or have it mailed to them. If you do not have internet access at the place where you will be filling out the application, you can have a welfare TANF application mailed to you by calling the Alaska DHS at the following phone number.


2. Accuracy counts as you complete the TANF/ATAP application. You must include in exact detail all of the assets that they are asking for you to list, along with your bills, driver's license number, and amounts of the balances in any bank accounts that you have. Remember that falsifying any information on this section is considered a crime because people could easily take advantage of the welfare system by giving too low of numbers. There will be information such the date of birth and social security number that you will need for all the members of your home. The DHS does this to ensure that the people who will be receiving these benefits are actually citizens of the United States. This protects the taxpayers as well as the other recipients of the benefit.

3. When you have fully completed the application form, you will need to submit it to the Alaska DHS. If you have completed the application online, this will automatically be done for you. If you have filled it out by hand you will either have to mail it to your nearest DHS office or bring it in to a DHS agent. They will quickly look over the application on the spot.

Usually there is a short wait and you'll be assigned an interview time. Often the interview is conducted over the telephone, but they can also see you in person. Usually they'll just re-confirm your bill amounts and monies on hand and in your bank account. If you would like to know where you can find an Alaska DHS office for TANF/ATAP benefits, please visit the link below.

Alaska TANF Benefits

4. After your interview process, your application will go to secondary review for approval. When your benefits are finally approved, you will be either given ATAP checks, or your monies can be deposited on an EBT style credit card where you can make withdraws from ATM machines to receive the cash benefits. Please keep in mind that the benefits are a burden to fellow taxpayers, and that the benefits were designed to give only temporary assistance to individuals who need it for a short while. If there are any questions that you have applying for the Alaska TANF/ATAP benefits, please contact your nearest DHS office.

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