How to overcome the embarrassment of using SNAP or food stamps.

How to Overcome the Embarrassment of Using SNAP or Food Stamps 

As of right now, 1 in 10 Americans are on some type of government assistance for food that is either called SNAP or food stamps.  That basically means roughly thirty million Americans are on this type of government assistance program.  Often people who use these types of assistance programs especially for the first time can find themselves in a very humiliating and embarrassing situation.  They feel like they are failures and that can be very harmful to a person's self esteem.  I'm going to give you several reasons why you should not be embarrassed in hopes that it will help you to feel better.

First you'll want to consider how long you have worked an put into the system.  If you are a first time user off food stamps or SNAP, just consider all the years you have gone without needing to use these government benefits.   Think of all the years of taxes that you have paid into the system to help others in need and consider it as you are just temporarily using your own money that you contributed.

The next thing you'll want to be thankful for is that food stamps and SNAP are often paid through an EBT machine that uses the exact same device as the credit and debit card.  You even have a pin number that you'll be assigned.  Barely any states use the old “food coupons” anymore for you to pay for your groceries.

Consider the masses of amounts of people that are on government assistance for food right now.  As you walk through the store, every 10 people that you see whether it is man, woman, or child, there is 1 person who is using SNAP or food stamps.   Sometimes “misery enjoys company” is a very true saying and you won't feel so singled since you know you are not the only one.   I've traveled around the country in the past couple of months and have seen many people using SNAP in Texas, food stamps in New York, and food stamps in California.  It really took me by surprise just how many people are on these programs.  So please when you feel hard on yourself, consider that many others are in difficult times too.

Last but not least remember that this government assistance is temporary.  It will not go on forever and you'll do what you can to get back to the well paying job that you had before.  Remember that these SNAP and food stamp benefits are here for people like you who are down on their luck temporarily.

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