How to get free money from the government.

How to get Free Money from the Government 

With the turbulent economy saturating the common citizen with more inflation, higher taxes, loss of jobs, layoffs, and unemployment, there are many people who have come to the conclusion that they want to get free money from the government.  As asinine as this may seem to one who believes that there are no freebies, the facts dictate differently, as there are many ways to do this.  Often people who want the benefits of these types of benefits, have been victimized by the very government that they are demanding money from.  Some see it as desperation, while others see the acquisition of these government incentives as a form of revenge for ruining their financial lives.  Whether your case is the former or latter matters not, because so long as you qualify you are entitled to free money from the Government.

TANF – (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

This program is basically free cash to any American citizen who maintains a provable low income.  Their is a time limit in most states in which one can receive the benefit itself unless they have children in their home.  TANF will rigorously inspect your personal finances before qualifying you for their programs.   The more children you have or members in your home, the more cash you will receive.  Since TANF is generally frowned upon by most of society, today most of the benefits are issued on a debit styled card which will work in any common ATM for cash withdraws.

SNAP, the Hidden Governmental Free Money – (Food Stamps)

Though this program is not exactly free money, in rough translation, it is free money.  Since all of us at some point and time will inevitably have to eat, that means that we will have to purchase food.  But alas, the food on the SNAP card is completely free, thus the user will not have to spend any of their personal money on food.  This is free money because it works under the “penny saved penny earned” clause.   When a person does not have to sink their own personal finances into their groceries, it's like they were just handed that dollar amount through the SNAP card. The SNAP program often works in conjunction with the TANF and Medicaid programs as well.

Medicaid, the Free Government Money Backdoor to Health

Medicaid is a governmental benefit given to those who are unable to afford medical insurance and have a low income.  Medicaid is an important piece to the path to acquiring all the free government money that you can get.  When an individual does not have to delve into their pockets and fork out hundreds of dollars a month for medical insurance, but rather are able to stash their own personal cash into the depths of their wallet, its free money.   When they visit a doctor's office, it is fully paid for by the government, and not from a private insurance company to whom they have paid premiums to.   Since they have paid nothing and need absolutely no money to get Medicaid, once again we have a “penny saved is a penny earned” scenario.   Many private insurance premiums cost the recipient nearly five hundred dollars a month.  Recipients of Medicaid pay nothing, which is keeping the money they have and not forcing them to pay one iota.

Many of these programs have heavy requirements that individuals or families must meet in order to receive them. Oftentimes, these requirements are that the income levels of these individuals be low, and that they are in the care of either children or people with a disability. Though this may appear to be indirect free money from the Government, the fact that an individual will not have to spend their own money on the benefits provided in retrospect makes it free money.

Earned Income Tax Credit

The earned income tax credit is a gigantic credit given to working families who have earned wages, yet the wages are lower. This program requires a family to have children who live with them in the United States through the year given. This tax credit can be incredibly high when people have 3 children, as it couples with the standard dependent deduction as well. Often this credit can equate to thousands of dollars and be directly deposited into the bank account of the beneficiary. The credit is considered direct free money from the government since it is actual cash money that is deposited.

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