How to Get Free or Low Cost Housing From The Government

Many very low income families would be homeless if the government did not have free housing programs. These programs also known as section 8 are managed by HUD, and will provide people with either free or very low cost housing.

I will teach you how to get free or low cost housing if you qualify for this government benefit. Free housing and section 8 housing benefits are provided as a benefit from the Federal Government and is paid for by the American Taxpayer.

What You will need:
* An internet connection and/or telephone

1. You will need to make sure that you have a very low amount of income to qualify for free or low cost housing. Have records of this income level through w-2's, pay stubs, or tax returns. Also it is wise to have current bank account balances and any information on items you may have invested.

2. Log on to the government benefit website at and fill out their online questionnaire. Be sure to be as detailed as possible. When the survey is finished, it will tell you what government benefits you qualify for. If you qualify for the section 8 housing, it will be listed.

3. Click on the section 8 link and it will take you to the appropriate web site. You will need to select your state and the county which you reside. You will have to contact the HUD office by phone and setup an interview to get free or low cost housing.

4. Once approved for the free housing benefit, your local HUD office will give you details on how the federal government will help you pay for your home.

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