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How to get Benefits from a County Department 

There are many different reasons that people seek assistance for aid from the government. Usually it's as simple as a visit to your local county department of human services and you can begin to get government assistance and benefits. Your county department (DHS) should be able to get you all the paperwork that you need in order to start receiving government benefits.

What you will need:
* U.S. Citizenship
* Copies of your bank statement & pay stubs (if applicable)
* Ability to get to a county department office.

1. Begin by finding your local county office of human services. This can be found in the phone book, by search engine or simply by using this "government benefits link" which will direct you to the government benefits section of this web site. Listed will be several states along with the county department phone numbers, locators, and / or addresses.

2. Call or visit your local county department so that you will make the initial contact and begin getting government assistance as soon as possible. If you reach the wrong type of benefit or another government office, ask to be transferred or ask for the correct number.

3. Talk with a county department case worker (DHS) and see how many benefits you qualify for. They will be able to help you with any questions that you have, along with helping you apply for these benefits.

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