Free stuff from the government

How to Get Free Stuff From the Government 

There are many free things that you can get from the government that can help you save a lot of money & help you out financially. Some of these things are food stamps / SNAP benefits, LIHEAP benefits for your electricity, SSD & SSDI, Medicare if you need health insurance and are of age, Medicaid if you can't afford health insurance, Unemployment if you are suddenly laid off, standard Welfare (TANF), and even a free cell phone paid for by the government!

Food Stamps & SNAP

If you are interested in getting on food stamps or the SNAP benefit, visit our FOOD STAMP SNAP PAGE. This will give you the contact information for the state that you live in to get you on food stamps / SNAP and help you save money on food. Food stamps / SNAP are the most common form of welfare entitlement used in America. Applications for SNAP benefits in most states are handled through their DHS (Department of Human services) or HHS (Health and Human Services). SNAP is paid for by the Federal government by the Department of Agriculture. This is the same organization that grants subsidies to farmers which make food inexpensive.

LIHEAP and Energy Assistance

If you need government assistance paying your electric bill you need to get on a LIHEAP type of program to assist you with your bill. Simply visit our LIHEAP PAGE and it will give you the contact information for your state. LIHEAP has some Federal Government financial infusions, but it is mostly paid for by individual states, corporate and private contributions.

Unemployment Insurance

Getting unemployment benefits is very common these days during many economic problems in this country. If you need to get on unemployment benefits visit our UNEMPLOYMENT PAGE. Unemployment benefits will assist you financially when you are out of a job and will get the money you need. The first six months of Unemployment benefits are paid through payments from your former employer to a state insurance program. This is completely private funding. Federal benefits which are paid for by taxpayer dollars are available after the State benefits are exhausted. Often the length of time that Federal benefits last depends on the current rate of unemployment in the state. Federal benefits can last well over a year in certain states

Medicaid Insurance

If you are low income and need health insurance, you can get on the Medicaid benefit. This insurance will assist those of low income and low financial stature to getting the health care they need. For information about getting on Medicaid, visit our MEDICAID PAGE to get contact information for your state. Medicaid is paid for by Federal Tax dollars and is available to many people below the poverty line.

TANF / Welfare

If you are in a desperate financial situation and fall below the poverty line you may be eligible for welfare / TANF. TANF is often limited for a certain amount of time, but it is paid for by Federal and State tax dollars. This will help people survive insanely hard financial times and will help by giving small amounts of money to those in need. Use our welfare / TANF page to get contact information on the programs in your state.

Social Security

If you are 62 years or older, you can start cashing in on your Social Security benefits. Based on the struggling Social Security system, many people are trying to get their benefits as soon as possible due to the fear of the Social Security System failing. Social Security is paid for by the workers of America in "tax" dollars. The primary concept is that the workers support the retirees and when those workers retire, they will be supported to by this "socialism" style program. Also Social Security Disability takes from this funding. If you need contact information to a Social Security benefits office, visit our SOCIAL SECURITY PAGE.

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