How to get a cell phone for free from the government.

Free Government Cell Phone 

There are many people making inquiries these days about getting a free cell phone from the government.  It is true that people can get this benefit and get absolutely free government subsidized cellular phone access as a benefit.  This program is part of the welfare and food stamp program to help people to be able to afford a cell phone.

There are some basic requirements to getting the free cell phone from the government.   The first is that you must be involved in some type of welfare program such as SNAP, food stamps, free electricity, or TANF.  The amount of these entitlements that you get also helps determine the amount of free cell phone money that you can have credited.

If you are on one of these programs you will want to get in touch with SafeLink Wireless.   This is a company that the government has chosen to be in charge of the free cell phone benefit.   When you call, you will likely go through a menu system that will ask you if you are on a government benefit program such as SNAP.  Being on one of these programs is absolutely required so be sure that you have account numbers or details ready about your assistance programs that you currently get.

When you navigate through the automated menu system you will speak to a SafeLink Wireless representative about your situation.  The representative will be able to help you with all the details and the types of free cell phones that you can get from the government.  You will be told how much air time and which options that you will have on your new free government paid for cell phone by the representative from SafeLink Wireless.

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