Free Cell Phone From The United States Government

How to Get a Cellular Phone For Free Using Government Benefits 

Any person who is qualified to get any type of government benefit is capable of getting a free cellular phone from the United States government. You current benefit can be food stamps / SNAP programs, disability, welfare / TANF, LiHeap and many others. If you are on one of these benefits and would like to get a free cell phone from the government, the process is fairly simple.

You will have to visit on the internet the government contractor called Safelink Wireless. This company is the basic "front man" company for getting free cellular phones for anybody on any type of government benefit. In many cases you will not only be able to get the cellular phone for free, but you will be able to get many features on the phone for free as well.

Sometimes if your income is too high, you will not be able to completely get the phone for free, but rather you will have to pay a small fee for the phone on a monthly basis. Though it may cost you, you will save a lot of money when compared to getting standard cellular phone service. I will tell you that when you pay, you can often get much better phones and features on it.

Be sure to have your paperwork ready when you call so that the person can process your order quickly. Have documentation and account numbers ready for your current government benefits. Be ready to answer a series of simple questions as well. When the entire process is finished, you should be on your way to getting a free cellular phone paid for or mostly paid for by the United States Government.

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