free car from the government

How to Get a Free Car From The Government 

There are several ways that a person can get a free car or free vehicle from the government but you have to be sure that you qualify to get one. Some states do not provide this benefit, and others do. It is up to you to research if your state gives you the benefit of a free car from the government.

What you will need:
* The phone number for your local DHS (Department of Human Services) office
* Proof of income & employment status

1. Call your local DHS office and ask them if they have a program that will give you a free car from the government. If they offer the program in your state, be sure to ask for the type of paperwork and information that they will need when you come in to apply for the free vehicle. Be sure to get all the details from the person on the phone. See if you can setup an appointment with them for your application process for the free car.

2. Go to the DHS office at your application appointment time and begin to apply for the free car. If you need any assistance during the application for the free government benefit car, be sure to ask any DHS employee for help.

3. After the application process your DHS staff member should be able to instruct you on the car allowance, type, or loaner that you can get. They will be able to provide you with any further details you need about getting a free car from the government.

4. After you get your free vehicle, be sure to double check that everything is in order with the DHS government office.

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