How to get food stamps in Wisconsin.

How to Get Food Stamps in Wisconsin 

If you are an individual who has a low income or a disability, you may be wondering how to get on food stamps in Wisconsin. It actually is an incredibly easy process that almost anybody can simply do by themselves in a discreet manner. First it is important to note that the food stamp qualifications in Wisconsin are for people who are in the lower income brackets and also for those who have a disability. Food stamps are an excellent welfare program to help curb issues such as hunger and starvation in the State of Wisconsin.

1. The very first thing one must do in order to start applying for food stamps in Wisconsin is to make sure that they have a Wisconsin food stamp application form. You can get a free copy of this form at any Wisconsin DHS office, or you can conveniently download and print the application right now at the following web site.


2. As you fill out the Wisconsin food stamp application, bear in mind that accuracy is crucial and neatness counts. You must state all the income levels, employment status, and members of your household. This will help the DHS worker to determine the correct amount of food stamp benefits that your household is entitled to. When you complete the Wisconsin food stamp application, bring it to a local DHS office. You can find the address to a DHS office near you at the following web site.


You may also call the DHS office for direction and location information at the following phone number.


3. You will soon get an EBT food stamp card in the mail which will work very similar to a standard debit card. Always be sure to keep in mind that the EBT card can only be used to purchase food items and that any non food items you will have to pay for. Keep in mind the limits on the EBT card so that you can watch your balance closely. If you need more information on how to get food stamps in Wisconsin, be sure to contact any DHS office in the state.

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