How to get SNAP in West Virginia.

How to Get SNAP in West Virginia 

Since the economy has headed south, many residents of West Virginia are seeking out the ways on how to get SNAP in West Virginia. SNAP which stands for supplemental nutrition assistance program is designed specifically to help eliminate issues such as starvation and hunger in the great state of West Virginia. Only people who have a low or no income or a disability will be able to qualify after applying for the SNAP food stamp benefits. If you are interested in applying for SNAP benefits in West Virginia, you'll find the following steps extremely helpful.

1. You will initiate the SNAP application process by filling out an application. You can simply download and print the application online, or you may acquire one from any government county SNAP office. Be sure that the accuracy is immaculate on this application form including all details about income levels of every person in your household. If you would like to print a West Virginia SNAP application right now, you may do so at the following web site.

2. Upon completion of the application form, you will need to bring it to any West Virginia DHHR office. Here they will begin to process it and begin to determine if you are eligible for the SNAP benefit. They will also take note if you need any emergency SNAP benefits. You can find a local West Virginia DHHR field office by visiting the following web site.

You may also call the DHHR office main line for any information about the SNAP program at the following phone number.

3. When you are approved for the SNAP benefits, you will shortly receive a SNAP card in the mail. This card works almost exactly like a common debit card in any credit card reader at a grocery store. During checkout rather than selecting "debit" on the card reader, you'll select "EBT" or electronic benefits transfer. Keep in mind that this card is limited to food purchases only and any item that is considered non food you will be directly charged for. Now that you have information on how to get SNAP in West Virginia, your application process should hopefully transpire smoothly and quickly.

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