How to apply for SNAP in Washington D.C.

How to Apply for SNAP in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is our national capital, and some residents within the capital have low income or disabilities that put them into rough financial situations where they will find the need for food stamps which is now known as the SNAP program.  It is easy to obtain and apply for SNAP benefits in Washington D.C. so long as you meet the qualifications for the program. Here you are going to learn how to apply for the food stamp/SNAP program in Washington D.C.

1. When you are certain that you meet the minimum requirements to get SNAP benefits, you will need to get a copy of a SNAP application form either from a local government DHS office or you can download and print one off the internet. If you would like the Washington D.C SNAP application form right now, you can get one at the following web site.

2. You must fill out the SNAP application with absolute accuracy.  It is vital to include all information such as the amount of people in your home, along with all income levels within the household. These pieces of information are required by law to be accurate. When you are finished filling out the application, you will need to bring it to a local DHS office.  Again, you can find the location of a Washington D.C. DHS office at the link above, or you can call them for more information at the following phone number.


3. Upon approval of your SNAP application benefits, you will receive a SNAP card in the mail or you may pick it up at a DHS office if you do not have an address.  The SNAP card will work similar to a debit card but it is called an EBT transaction at a register.  The Washington D.C. SNAP card will only purchase food items and cannot be used for any type of non food item. If you need any more information on how to apply for SNAP in Washington D.C., any DHS employee will be able to help you.

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